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The Rewarding Features of the vSphere Client

The release of the vSphere Client (HTML5) fling 2.0 by VMware encompasses 18 updates fling with multiple functions and features and with the final launch to v2.0.

The new management UI for the fling i.e. Fling Appliance Management Interface is the main feature of this upgrade. This Fling is also available on the following link:

vSphere Client

Appliance Management Interface of the Fling

This is a very easy and user-friendly UI which supports with following new features:

  • Update and upgrades to the earliest edition of the vSphere Client in a single click. The fundamental main work for this was already stated in detail into v1.17, therefore in case you’re already on v1.17, then visits https://[fling-appliance]:5490/, log in with the appliance root information and credentials, and then go on to the ‘Update’ button.

Please Note: Upgrade and update related tasks irrespective whether your VC is on Windows or VCSA.

  • Configure, setup or Install your H5 client (Also Note: this UI only let you do configuration with VCSA. VC on Windows still requires manual sequence of steps coming from the instructions guidelines)
  • Select Begin/Stop the vSphere Client (HTML5) interface whenever required

vSphere Client

This UI has been appended further to the Fling with the main purpose to offer a mechanism for simple and easy upgradations.

Catchy Plans and Schemes Available for Application Hosting

These automatic default upgrades are going to work only if your vSphere Client appliance can access to the Fling website in downloading the new bits, as in the case this access does not exist, then you will still be making upgrades manually.

For the list of all amendments present in v2.0, you can have it from the Fling page change log:


Many clients and customers are using the vSphere Client Fling full time, they are permitted to change the boot options at VM creation to select EFI Firmware.

Maximum users are using it as it is quick and responsive. It is comparatively faster, less buggy, responsive, more reliable, and sleeker looking than the Flash client. The main feature requests are Multiselect of VMs, Keyboard input from Tablets and much such more.

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