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Purging Old Data from the Database Used By VMware Vcenter Server

vCenter is an acronym for virtual center. It basically means that it is a software suite from which it is possible to manage all online or virtual settings like supporting services like VMware DRS( Disteibuted Resource Scheduler), VMware HA(high availability) along with VMware VMotion. It consists of components that have distinct operating systems, hardware and applications to enhance the efficiency, security and agility of IT environment.

What is VMware Vcenter Server?

VMware Vcenter Server is a single portal application from where it is possible to manage and control several ESX servers and virtual machines (VMs).

Standard and Foundation: Two Versions of VMware Vcenter Server

There are two types of consoles to run ESX servers. The basic or the Foundation one is for several small and medium businesses that can course upto three ESX servers, while, the Standard version is used to deploy large vCenter Servers

Functionality of vCenter Servers:

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  • When using this console, one can rest assured of visibility and can configure several ESX servers and VMs to check on the performance via alerts, managed roles and permissions.
  • Using the Linked Mode, it is possible to scale through a lot of VMs and ESXs besides managing many vSphere and vCenter servers.
  • A person can orchester-ise several actions when alerts get triggered.

Why to Purge Old Data from Database

It is known that VMware Vcenter Server stores the data in vCenter Server database and with the passage of time, the collated information increases. So, there’s a need to compress the files using SQL Server Management Studio through the Database Retention Policy that specify the tie to delete or retain files. Follow these steps to go to Database Retention Policy – Administration> vCenter Server Settings> Database Retention Policy. But there’s a word of caution: do not try to run the attached scripts against VirtualCenter 2X database.

So before you begin deleting or compressing the data, it is important that you have a complete and reliable data backup.

How to Purge Old Data from Database

If the data has crossed the limit of 4GB in SQL express, the file may get compromised or becomes unavailable. This is the time to purge the old data. And, to do the same in the VPX_EVENT table, follow these basic steps:

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  • Use appropriate credentials to connect to Servername\SQL Database.
  • Then expand and selectVIM_VCDB>Tables by clicking databases.
  • Select Open after clickin on the right of dbo VFX_PARAMETER table.
  • Modify event.maxAge to 30 then event.maxEnabled value to true.
  • Modify task.maxAge to 30 then event.maxEnabled value to true.
  • Then run built-in-stored procedure by:
  • VIM_VCDB? Progrannability> Stored Procedure.
  • Then dbo.cleanup_events_tasks_proc> Execute Stored Products.
  • Close SQL managementstudio and start the vMware vCenter server service.

Following these steps will purge the old database to a clean one.

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