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Powering off a Virtual Machine on an ESXi Host

As with earlier versions, ESXi is VMware’s hypervisor which is the serious piece of vSphere. ESXi can be installed as a guest operating system for non-production resolutions.  It is the virtualization layer of vSphere that operates on physical hardware and abstracts system resources into numerous virtual machines. It is suggested to verify that your host machine hardware is supported. VMWare ESX or ESXi CAN run inside a virtual machine only when certain fundamentals are fulfilled. Additionally, it is mandatory to verify that your host machine hardware is supported. Saving or migrating important data on the host machine is really essential. Moreover, authenticate that you have attached a keyboard and monitor to the host to use the direct console or that you can utilize a virtual direct console offered by a remote access card on the host machine. Running VMware ESXi inside a virtual machine is a great way to test with different configurations and features without building out a whole lab full of hardware and storage. While powering off a virtual machine on an ESXi host, you will encounter the below mentioned symptoms:

  • You cannot power off an ESXi hosted virtual machine.
  • A virtual machine is not receptive and cannot be stopped or executed.

By following these steps, you will see how we can fix this issue on VMware ESXi 5.5.

  • Open the browser and attach to VCenter web-client.n If you power off the virtual guest, you get an error.
  • Login to ESXi host where the virtual machine is operating. This can be done by using SSH.
  • List the exact virtual machine process using PS command.
  • Try to eradicate the VPCU process of the guest using ‘kill’ command.
  • Check whether vmx process is operating for that compressed virtual guest. If there is no process, you can proceed to next step. If any process is operating for that guest, eradicate those processes as well.
  • Go back to web-client and try to power of the virtual machine now.
  • Correct the virtual machine and eradicate if you attached any file from non-existing data store.
  • Note that tradition VSphere Client cannot edit the virtual machine since newer version (10) of virtual machines are only supported by VSphere web-client. You will get an error if you try to edit from VSphere Client.
  • Now you can power on the virtual machine.
  • You can see virtual machine is powered on and it’s rebooted.

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