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Horizon View Direct Connection Plugin – Different Connection Environments Discussed

When we talk about using a virtual desktop, we actually mean developing a connection with a computer system in a virtualized environment. Here we establish the link with a desktop that is stored with a virtual server. Thus we know that the desktop is present, but not in fact. VMware horizon view is nothing but a platform that hosts such virtual desktops for vSphere. The idea behind integration of Horizon view with vSphere was to improve the virtual desktop infrastructure.

VMware horizon was recently added to VMware Horizon Suite, wherein it was packaged with VMware Mirage and Horizon Workspace. A new feature was added to the horizon view which enabled a direct connection with virtual desktop, leaving aside the need to connect to the server first. This new feature, known as direct connection plugin, has been introduced in VMware Horizon View version 5.3.

Let us take a look at the direction connection plugin configuration scenarios:

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  1. Conventional installation environment:

Traditional installation process requires you to install a connection server first. The reason behind installing a connection server is that it only connection server that encloses administrative console. The one who owns the connection server is responsible sending users to the suitable virtual desktop. In such an environment the view clients are first made to access the Connection Server which further connects them to the virtual machine (VM) it in this virtual machine the Horizon View Agent runs.

You can also use Macs, thin clients, zero clients or mobile devices with IOS or Android can also be used with View client, apart from PCs. Thus the very first connectionof a client is always with a Connection Server. However, if the authentication has been done and the correct desktop to the user is allotted, a direct connection can be established between the View client and the View Agent. This is called direct connection.

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  1. Direct connection environment:

A direct connection also requires a connection server to manage the authentication and identification of the right VM for the users. This part of job is particularly handled by a direct connection agent. Inclusion of direct connection agent has called off the need for end users to access the connection server first. But the scenario is not advisable to be applied to large scale deployment as it requires the manual management of users-to-desktops connections.

The direct connection plugin feature of Horizon can be best employed in small deployment set-ups. Small deployment setups includes 10 to 20 employee recruitment or 10 to 20 desktop deployment. However, these two kind of setup has it requirements to be fulfilled.

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