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Amazon – VMware Collaborate to Launch “VMware Cloud on AWS” as New Offering

AWS (Amazon Web Services) and VMware were clashing with each other while being participants of the cloud computing wars over the years. While, according to Amazon, the world’s businesses should eradicate themselves and switch to the cloud, whereas, according to VMware they should stay and put in their own computer servers. But now, both the companies are partnering together.

Amazon – VMware’s New Offering – Major Highlights

VMware’s virtualization software will run on AWS’s cloud from next year, and this will allow VMware customers to manage the virtual machines in AWS’s cloud with the same features that they use to manage on their own VMware’s servers. VMware will sell the new service, but it will be linked with all types of existing AWS cloud tools, like storage services and database.

Usually, this type of partnership would only fetch interest of the IT geeks that are actually willing to shuffle data across a business. But it also represents a major milestone regarding the development of cloud computing. VMware now no more treats Amazon as its competitor that can be defeated.

It’s possible now to run VMware virtual machines easily on Amazon’s Cloud besides managing them with help of VMware’s management tool vCenter. Both companies have joined hands for developing what is essentially a new Amazon cloud version where all VMware virtual machines run on Amazon’s servers.

Additionally, the service involves tools allowing businesses run their software across Amazon as well as their existing data centers. Earlier this year, VMware had entered into similar partnership with IBM.

However, this partnership is quite different. No doubt, Amazon is the leader in Cloud services and IBM, Google, and Microsoft are lagging well behind in the race. VMware does admit that beating the industry Cloud leader won’t be easy.

Amazon and VMware Expecting Brighter Future Prospects

At the San Francisco press event where the two technology giants unveiled the new service, VMware CEO Gelsinger acknowledged that old school businesses are also making a move into the cloud. However, he also mentioned that, in the coming years though, these businesses will continue running the software in their personal data centers due to various reasons.

Meanwhile, Amazon considers this as a unique way of pulling in more customers who have not moved into the cloud yet. As Amazon continues to grow, it will become a necessity to convince more conservative businesses that prefer keeping at least some portion of their crucial data either on their local servers or simply in their internally-control data centers.

Most importantly, Amazon needs to do this crucial task over before it’s industry rivals Google and IBM do. As far as corporate virtualization software market is considered, VMware is still the undisputed leader. Hence, getting those customers into Amazon cloud would mean playing nice and fair with VMWare’s management software.

But who’s getting the fair end of this deal is still a big question that needs to be answered. Initially, VMware fought to keep customers away out and away of the Amazon cloud. At present, it’s working hard to actually move them into it – which may seem a bit odd to few.

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