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A New Definition of “Mission-Critical” – Powered by VMware Horizon and NVIDIA GRID

Over the last seven years the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure has improved drastically.  Earlier the domain tasks of workers were only with a small suite of basic apps. However, VDI can be now traced along every use case in the enterprise, right from the mobile users to designers and even engineers. The advancement has really proved to be very fruitful in delivering great user experience.

The user experience that is now available with VDI is simply incredible and it is even better than the serious workload that the customers are deploying by using the Horizon 6 and NVIDIA GRID vGPU. After the NVIDIA GRID 2.0 got introduced, the experience has also improved with 2X performance and 2X scalability.

Education + 3D = Training & Simulation

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The phrase ‘Mission-Critical’ is mostly used to describe any important line of business application that controls the enterprise.  But nothing can be more mission critical than the applications that are used to train the government’s military servicemen, civilians as well as women, when dealing with numerous threat situations. This has become quite necessary due to the increasing threats from terrorists and other bodies. This has come up as a great way to prepare the soldiers to tackle any threat scenarios. Now, full virtual reality simulation of the battle space in 3D virtual desktop is used for this purpose.  By leveraging Horizon with Grid vGPU this new technology has been put together by Vmaware, NVIDIA  and the simulation technology experts at Bohemia Interactive Simulations.

The VMware Horizon 6 have proved to be very beneficial for the education space as it allows the teachers to easily VMware Horizon 6 has seen huge traction in the education space, allowing teachers to easily control the students desktops in a more centralized manner, while giving the students the liberty to access their desktop or lab from any device or any corner of the world.

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The introduction of NVIDIA GRID vGPU in vSphere 6.0, Horizon 6 has brought a new feature i.e. it supports 3D application workloads. By combining education as well as 3D, you will get the Training and Simulation use case.

Today the Training and Simulation is used across federal government, defence, emergency responses and many other areas to ensure that the employees are well trained in handling real life scenarios. In fact many organizations are using low cost Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) solutions to provide this training capability. The best thing is that the virtual training is often the 1/10th of the cost of live training, and they offer the same training too.

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