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The New Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Is Out And Available Now

Having released the preview build of SQL Server last year, tech giant Microsoft has now announced the release of its SQL Server 2016.


The SQL Server 2016 is being considered the world’s fastest database available for Hybrid Transactional and Analytical Processing (HTAP).

As per the company spokesperson “The integration of advanced analytics into a transactional database is revolutionary. Today a majority of advanced analytic applications use a primitive approach of moving data from databases into the application tier to derive intelligence.

This approach incurs high latency because of data movement, doesn’t scale as data volumes grow and burdens the application tier with the task of managing and maintaining analytical models. And deep analytics on real-time transactions are next to impossible without a lot of heavy lifting” – Source: BetaNews

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Currently, four versions of SQL server would be available – Enterprise, Standard, Express and Developer. The new SQL Server 2016 comes with significant improvements but the price tag still remains the same.

Some of the prominent features made available with the new release include Real-time operational analytics, Always Encrypted, Row Security, Stretch Database, PolyBase, Dynamic Data Masking, Enhanced Hybrid Backup and Faster Restores.

Always Encrypted feature allows data to remain encrypted at rest as well as in motion. With Row-level security, users would be able to control data access on basis of the user without requiring doing any modifications to applications. Stretch Database would allow users to stretch transactional data (warm & cold) to Microsoft Azure, thereby resulting in enhanced customer experience and reduced costs.

Microsoft SQL Server 2016

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PolyBase accesses and pools relational and non-relational data from SQL Server and further allows users to run queries on data stored in Hadoop or Azure blob storage besides simplifying the way of working with unstructured data.

Dynamic Data Masking will allow users to set suitable permissions for masking critical data in order to better address privacy concerns. Real-time operational analytics would be the most highlighted feature though allowing 30x faster transactions along with in-memory OLTP.

SQL Server 2016 would thus help experience breakthrough performance, simplified management and transformation of critical data into actionable insights.

With such highly optimized features available with the new SQL Server 2016, Microsoft SQL server hosting is also believed by industry experts to touch a new dimension in the coming time.

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