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5 Major Reasons To Migrate Oracle To SQL Server

SQL server has anyways, been voted to overthrow other servers in the race mainly because of its user-friendly interface.

It’s all new features distinguishes the database from the others of the same kind. Its unique feature of mixed authentication allows authentication from applications other than windows. All you need is your verified username and password.

Any server that was thought to beat the efficiency provided by SQL server was Oracle, as it was the only one that was in use before SQL server made inroads in the business world. The supporters have clearly given their views for sticking to a particular type of server. for any query about SQL Server Call :1-855-909-3300

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Some say that SQL is better because its compatibility with all Microsoft platforms makes it relatively better at its end. However, those in favor of Oracle are quite satisfied with its feature of compatibility with platforms other than Microsoft, like AIX and Linux Intel.

Reasons for Migration

Formal researchers have, unquestionably, placed SQL server above oracle. They have given following reasons for getting started and migrating oracle to SQL server.

1. Number of administrator per critical database:

The critical database is extremely crucial for a company as it manages and stores all its sensitive data that is of strategic importance. Migrating Oracle Database to SQL server is highly recommendable. This is due to the reason that database administers efficiency of Microsoft SQL server is way better than Oracle.

Where in oracle an administrator cannot manage more than 15 critical databases at a time, SQL administrator can easily manage as much as 65 critical databases, sometimes even more, at a time.

2. Time taken for problem resolving and fine tuning:

Average time taken by Microsoft SQL administrator in solving a problem and fine tuning is much less than what is taken by the Oracle administrator.

It has been noted that an oracles administrator spends, on an average, 33 percent of its time in such tasks, while an SQL server administrator spends not more than 18 percent of its time in problem solving and tuning issues.

3. Installation and configuration of server:

Installation and configuration of an Oracle server are extremely time-consuming. Where entire installation of an SQL server database ends in approximately 1.5 hours, an Oracle database takes more than six hours to install and configure.

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4. Security options:

SQL server comes with better security options as compared to Oracle server as it includes some more in demand security in its workgroup, standard and enterprise edition.

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Oracle, on the other hand, offer very basic security features with its standard and enterprise edition. The add-on security features in oracle are quite expensive and come only with its enterprise edition.

Data Redaction

  1. Administration cost:

Those who are worried about cost will be happy to know that SQL server has a lower administration and maintenance cost as compared to Oracle server.

So, this comes out to be one major reason for buying SQL server along with some advantages that have been mentioned above.

Matric Comparison

Advanced compression, data mining, partitioning, OLAP, enterprise reporting and spatial are other add-on features that are included in a package of SQL server but has to be bought separately with oracle server.

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