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How to Troubleshoot & Apply SSL in SSRS with ease

Many companies receive requests to create or renew SSL certificates for SharePoint sites on a regular basis. This is one of the simpler and straightforward services that the companies provide to their customers.

Here, we will discuss the steps to update SSL certificates in SSRS (SQL server Reporting Services).


  • The certificate request has been completed in IIS and that report server database has already been created and configured.


  • It needs W3SVC to run when IIS and SSRS are running on the same PC. In the beginning, this need to be in running mode, else you can check it by right-clicking the name of the server in the connection pane of IIS and see if it has been stopped.


Sql Server Configuration


Open the Reporting services configuration manager and connect to the server.

Reporting Sql Server Configuration


Click on ‘web server URL’ located on the left-hand side in the drop down list of SSL certificate and click apply. The URL that is listed at the bottom can be used to check out if the site is using an updated certificate.

Sql Server Configuration Manager

In case this doesn’t happen, navigate back to the ‘Report Server Status’ page by clicking on the name of the server in the ‘Connect’ pane. Restart the service. The list of certificates in the ‘Web Service URL’ page will get refreshed and you will be able to apply the new SSL.

Sql Server Configuration Report


After restarting, the SSL may appear in the list and the user can select it and apply accordingly to get an error message.

In case, the error message appears, this shows that there exists a binding for the IP address and port combination. Moreover, the user also gets an idea on how to fix the issue: remove the previous binding and create a new one.

To check out the binding, you can type the command netsh HTTP show SSL  cert and the window will appear as shown below:

Sql Server Configuration Errors

You can even clear the similar command prompt by typing netsh HTTP delete sslcert ipport=[::]:443.


Once this will be done, you can get back to web service URL in reporting services configuration manager and then create the binding again with the correct SSL.

After all, these, if you want to recreate the binding in report manager URL, you can do that by choosing report manager URL and click on Advanced.

This will bring up the ‘Advanced Multiple Web Site Configuration’ windows, which allows you to configure and edit multiple identities for Report Manager.

AdVanced Multiple Web Site Configuration - SQL Server


In this new window, I removed each binding and then added them back, making sure to select the proper certificate for port 443.

Restart the Report Service to ensure that all of the changes were registered.


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