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3 Powerful Features Of SQL Server To Supercharge Your Data Handling

Microsoft SQL Server can be defined as a relational database management system or a database server. Its key role is to store and retrieve data on systems as and when demanded by an application across a network. The chief query language used by SQL Server are ANSI SQL and T-SQL. BY now there have been numerous versions of SQL Server by Microsoft with Microsoft SQL Server 2014 being the latest. There have been multiple upgrades, from single-machine applications to wide Internet-facing applications.

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In today’s fast developing technical world, it is must to have quick and prompt products and services to have an edge over others.  Microsoft SQL Server 2014 is one of them. Below are some of the salient features of Microsoft SQL Server 2014 that distinguishes it from others.

  • In-Memory OTLP
    A striking attribute of 2014 SQL Server is its “In-Memory” OTLP. It is basically a memory-optimized database engine. “In-Memory” data processing in Microsoft SQL Server 2014 takes place in Random Access Memory. This enables rapid data visualization. The performance of “in-memory” processing claims faster transactions and queries. Also, it brings the cost of storage devices as it does not consumes the space on the hard disks.
  • Flexibility
    Users on 2014 SQL Server can work in hybrid IT environments. It enables the operation of additional applications and tools. Also, the performance of data-driven applications speeds up because of “In-Memory” data processing. Latency is also reduced.
  • 24*7 Access
    For all functions and applications, users can access Microsoft SQL Server 2014 round-the-clock all 365 days a year. It features active/passive secondary instances, failover clustering, as well as instant recovery from all kinds of downtime, be it scheduled or unscheduled.

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In addition, on-site or remote project management is allowed on Microsoft SQL Server 2014. It reduces the cost as well. Better protection is ensured to your data because of enhanced data encryption. It is available for static as well as in motion data. Also, the data in the cloud and on-premises is well secured. The old records and data assets are also well preserved in 2014 SQL Server due to Stretch Database technology. All the OLTP data is stretched to Microsoft Azure to make it available to at hand. Advanced analytics algorithms can be built and run on Microsoft SQL Server 2014 as it features built-in advanced analytics.

2014 SQL Server boasts easy and quick database migration and integration services.  All the software as well as hardware related tasks will be conducted automatically. It also goes same for the operating systems, applications and database management systems.

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