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Enhancing the Workflow with SmartVault Driven Clients Portal

Intuit recently made an announcement of partnering with SmartVault and providing combined services to enhanced capabilities of two prominent accounting solutions- Lacerte and ProSeries. Connected services of integration aims to deliver more robust document management and fully integrated client portal to share information/files with the clients.

Integration of SmartVault with Lacerte and ProSeries accounting automates tax preparation workflow. From receiving of source file to sharing tax returns with SmartVault, all the processes are automated in custom branded client portal. Accountant using Lacerte or ProSeries may have questions about new integration that how clients and firm can get most out their work in the cloud.

Cloud to Enhance Business Efficiencies

The word ‘cloud’ comes in nearly every conversation related to technology enhancements. This also becomes a crucial element when we talk about improved business efficiencies. Every business, these days, is leveraging cloud-based services.

However, it is foremost important for you to figure out the advantages and efficiencies of cloud based-services for your business, if you want to evaluate the business your clients run. Your clients may ask about the improvement of security, compliance posture, latest technological aspects, driven-efficiencies and more. You need to be prepared with the best answers.

Delivering Services That Clients Need

There is no deny of the fact that most successful businesses leverage cloud-based accounting services, various mobile applications, social networking, analytics. Why do they use these all? This is all to fuel the development and efficiencies of their venture.

According to the latest research, SMBs use five cloud services. This average is expected to reach by twelve by end of 2017. So, your clients are already reaping the benefits of cloud computing to do a lot of work like accessing financial data or documents anywhere, anytime, working collaboratively, skipping double entry, and more

In this era of cloud accounting, automation and integration have driven massive workflow. Today, cloud service providers have completely transformed their services and they offer comprehensive advisory services so that they can lead their end customers to highly effective business processes.

Companies are offering real-time financial insight to help accelerate operational efficiencies in all aspects of accounting professionals’ workflow. The basic element you must add to your expertise is delivering highly capable and efficient cloud solution to your clients so they can meet their business demands effectively and work in progressive manner. SmartVault, here, can help you delivering fully integrated and highly efficient cloud services to retain customer-satisfaction.

SmartVault for QuickBooks or any other cloud-based application can benefit your CPAs, accountant and clients SMBs gaining following advantages-

●    Reduced cost and manual efforts with end-to-end paperless work
●    Real-time access of any document, file or other important information of database
●    Enhanced performance from the workforce with anywhere, anytime access of the application
●    Lowered software and hardware maintenance cost as everything gets performed by the developer of the service provider
●    Complete data backup, disaster recovery of all important files and documents

It would not be wrong saying that technology delivers the choices and you the era of your business efficiencies and also valuable services for clients. Go with SmartVault to stay ahead and meet what your clients expect!

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