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What Would Make Building A Sharepoint Farm An Accomplishment?

To make SharePoint 2013 work in a way that would benefit you there are some sharepoint 2013 prerequisites. Taking care of these prerequisites before you install SharePoint 2013 will make it work in the most effective manner. With the demand of SharePoint gaining a momentum there are several entrepreneurs who have come to cater to this demand of SharePoint. They have established an entire farm and are leasing out SharePoint services online. So this has become cycle-demand for sharepoint leading to development of farm and establishment of these farms further stimulating the SharePoint demand.

For those who are planning to establish a SharePoint farms, there are certain hardware and software requirements that require an ample consideration. These are broadly the prerequisites for establishing an entire farm. Your attempt of building a farm will be only successful if you have the SharePoint farm hardware and software requirements in place.

Fulfillment of the basic requirements for SharePoint server installation starts with getting a 64-bit processors and a 64-bit operating system placed. The least operating system requirement that SharePoint supports other than the one mentioned above can also be is Windows Server 2008 R2 with SP1 or above. SharePoint also can also work with Windows Server 2012. SQL Server 2008 R2 is the minimum database server requirement for SharePoint. Whereas it also supports also supports SQL Server 2012.

Since installation of SharePoint depend a lot on the hardware memory, the minimum memory requirement for a SharePoint server 8GB of RAM, which can be extended up to 12GB of RAM, as recommended by Microsoft. SharePoint is further dependent on the server’s processor and requires a minimum of 4 CPUs.

As shared by Microsoft, a minimum disk space for the system drive (C:) is 80 GB. The disk space can be expanded depending on the space these files will consume. And, a common perception about these files is that grow fast consuming a significant disk space.

There are also certain server requirements for SharePoint. Microsoft has launched a tool that has included in it the media for the installation of SharePoint 2013 on a DVD image. Here is the process to run this SharePoint product preparation tool.

  1. Start by preparing a SharePoint farm service account in the local administrator group on the server. The account requires local administrator access to control select services for the SharePoint farm and most importantly the SharePoint User Profile Synchronization service application.
  1. Then you can run the Microsoft SharePoint Products Preparation Tool. But before you do that check for server updates on Microsoft Update and install any available updates to ensure the server is up-to-date.

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