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Windows Server 2012 Roadshows Feature

Windows Server 2012 is a project sponsored by Microsoft where MVPs offer an outline to local IT experts of the updated operating system’s with numerous fresh and improved features. It is an interesting way to present the product for people who work with different parts of the technologies, in a wide variety of company sizes and industries. Additionally, it offers over 80 technical training sessions covering efficiency, security, networking, big data, storage, cohesive communications, uniqueness, web, mobile, collaboration, hybrid, containers, devops, open source, management and the internet. Although all events are instigated by local MVPs, these roadshows seem to group geographically. Usually, the seatings are limited so, the participants need to reserve their as soon as possible in order to get free technical Windows Server 2012 training from Microsoft MVPs; people who are independent technology specialists and educated presenters. Some of the major key improvements such as server Virtualization, Networking, Storage, Server Management and Automation are presented in these events.

Even though these roadshows are at the tip of the Windows Server 2012 local education wave, there is already an exceptional amount of Microsoft documentation accessible on Server 2012 features. You can also find documents on understanding and troubleshooting as well.  Moreover, numerous roles and features are comprehensive, detailed and many virtual labs are available. Interested individuals participate in these shows for extraordinary opportunity and to get knowledge from the best and understand the methods to build their own Private Cloud, as the Microsoft Most Valuable Talented people give their advices with the latest technologies.

Some of the topics included in these shows are:

  • Scenarios for Server Virtualization
  • Hyper-V Enhancements, Mobility and Flexibility, System Centre VMM 2012 SP1 plus.
  • Windows Server 2012 – Networking
  • Windows Server 2012 – High Availability & Virtualisation

Several of these sessions provide an all-purpose overview, many of the developments to Direct Access, Branch Cache, and universal networking developments in Server 2012. Participants get to learn to connect from anywhere, ways to invest energy and loose less time, improved network management through cost-aware networking. These session also provides the enhancements to Windows Server 2012 that will help keep the applications and systems online 24X7. Some of the sessions also cover a range of High Availability enhancements in Windows Server 2012, Hyper-V Replicas, Live Storage Migration, Disk De-Duplication, Offloaded File Transfer, Reslient File System, Thin Provisioning and Trim, Storage Spaces and Network Teaming.

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