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What Are VMware Advancements In vCenter Architecture In vSphere 6?

If we talk about VMware, we can’t resist talking about virtualization, as it is the heart of its evolvement. The virtualization is the process of creating a virtual, or say it more physical version of something. And so we have VMware, which is a software company established in 1998, and it aims in providing different software and applications for virtualization and cloud computing.

The company officially came up with its first product, VMware Workstation, in 1999, which was later replaced by the VMware GSX Server in 2001. VMware’s desktop software is simply amazing as it is compatible with all major OSs, including Linux, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS X

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 But with the advent of technological advancements, VMware has finally officially announced what is to be changed in vCentre architecture in vSphere 6.  We can surely expect lots of changes and some of them are completely new for vCENTRE architecture. The changes have to be done on both windows installable version and the virtual appliance (Vcsa) version.

If you want to know in depth about the advancements in vCentre architecture in vSphere 6 let me share you the details-

  • Platform services

Starting with vSphere 6.0 there a new component called VMware Platform Services Controller (PSC) (previously called as Infrastructure Controller IC) that is no more only composed by the SSO part, because now it includes a set of common infrastructure services that are used by vSphere (and also the entire vCloud Suite, including vCAC, vCOPS.

  • Management services

The management services are been upgraded with the vCentre Server being the main component. We can also see enhancements in in vCentre architecture in vSphere 6’s inventory Service and especially in inventory Service stores vCenter Server application and inventory data which, enables you to search and access inventory objects across linked vCenter Server.

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  • vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA)

The VCSA in vCentre architecture in vSphere 6 has also been improved and advanced. With 5.1 you could manage 100 hosts and 3000 powered on VMs. vSphere 6 now allows 1000 hosts and 10,000 powered on VMs.

  • What’s new in Install and Upgrade

We can see that vCenter installer for Windows has been streamlined. There is more and better pre-check functionality. You can choose between embedded and external (pre-existing) PSCs during installation.

  • Vcsa with no limits

It is a refreshing change as the appliance version of vCenter 6.0 is finally equivalent with the Windows installable version: same hosts, cluster and VM per vCenter, same linked mode feature and limit, IPv6 support, SRM and PowerCLI compatibility.

I hope you will love the changes and advancements made in vCentre architecture in vSphere 6.  Happy Computing!

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