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Spoilt for Choice amongst three vSphere infrastructure scaling options

There have always been questions around why and how vSphere scaling options should be choose   amongst up, out or away. In this article, I will tackle those conceptions revolving around vSphere infrastructure scaling options so that you know why you chose the option you chose and why it was the best option for you.

It is evident that you must be spending tons of money on a solution that solves all your problems and provides better insight in vSphere infrastructure. It is a tough job to increase the resources in a short span of time so what we really need is proper planning to carry out the installation. So be prepared when you need to provide more resources for your virtualization environment.

And the steps to do so are-

  • First of all monitor your usage and implement the trends from the analysis tools to find out the issues before they occur.  For a vSphere infrastructure, a tool, such as vCenter Operations Manager (vCOPs), can predict when you will run out of resources. These tools can help determine the best and most cost-effective solution.
  • You are adding resources to your existing vSphere environment, then you should follow 2 thumb rules-
  • Scale up and increase the resources of existing servers/storage/networking, or
  • Scale out and add more servers/storage/networking to your environment.


  • The moment you scale up- keep in mind that if the server fails the impact will be big so you need more hosts to run the application. It is always advisable to re-examine the storage capacity while adding a high availability cluster. The main advantage of scaling up is you won’t have to buy additional vSphere licenses, since they are sold on a per-CPU basis. As a result, the amount of RAM or number of cores per CPU doesn’t matter.
  • When you scale out in a vSphere infrastructure try to bring out more CPU power and memory it is always better to add more servers. But it has one important disadvantage that is additional vSphere licenses which you might have to purchase. Plus, new servers will have to be connected to the physical network and storage network, which requires space.
  • The third option is scale away- which allows you to create new VMs on demand and rapidly provide additional applications which serves best for your business. In a vSphere infrastructure there are several VMware vCloud service providers.


It depend upon the situation and  running workloads in a provider’s cloud environment , which eventually decides on scale up and scale down and you can decide accordingly.

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