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Mobile Data Synchronization with ActiveSync & Blackberry

Today, users have multiple options  of data management and synchronization for mobile applications .  They have been designed to synchronize data between remote servers and devices.

However, some of the applications have an edge over others. The two most in-demand applications are ActiveSync and Blackberry Enterprise Server. Both of the mobile applications have been known for their well-off services. Read below to know more about the two applications.

1. Microsoft’s Exchange ActiveSync

Exchange ActiveSync is one of the most popular Microsoft’s mobile data synchronization applications.

It was launched in the year of 1996. With the help of this app, data can be synchronized with handheld devices and personal computer systems.

The associated process of the app is termed as wcescomm.exe in the Windows Task Manager.

Also, Exchange ActiveSync can be used for synchronization on attuned software, such as  Microsoft Exchange Server, Kolab, MDaemon Messaging Server, Axigen, Tine 2.0, Scalix, Zimbra, Kerio Connect, Horde, IceWarp Server, Zarafa and Novell GroupWise.

When Microsoft’s ActiveSync is used on a personal computer, it can synchronize calendar, bookmarks, emails, files, tasks and contacts with Microsoft Outlook.

However, there are several features of Outlook which are not supported by this app. Also, selected data is synchronized in the case of Microsoft Exchange Server.

Features that can be synchronized on Exchange include calendar, emails, tasks and contacts.

Moreover, Exchange ActiveSync allows users to carry manual transfer of data to a mobile device. Before transferring data, this app creates a backup. Also, mobile device applications can be installed as well as uninstalled as per requirement.

Mobile Data Synchronization

2. BlackBerry Enterprise Server

BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BSE) by BlackBerry Limited is software that synchronizes data with messaging and collaboration software.

It runs efficiently on many software, including Microsoft Exchange, MDaemon Messaging Server, Novell GroupWise and Lotus Domino.

It has been designed to function on networks to synchronize emails, contacts, and calendar between different servers

There have been several editions of BlackBerry Enterprise Server. The first one being 2.2: BES. It was functional for Domino. Later versions of BSE include 3.6: BES for Exchange, 4.0: BES for Exchange, Domino, and GroupWise, 4.1: BES for Exchange, Domino, and GroupWise and 5.0: BES for Exchange, Domino, and GroupWise.

Mobile Data Synchronization2

These were some of the important features of the two mobile data synchronization application.

However, each has its own set of shortcomings. BSE requires an input of bigger capital investment as the price of the essential hardware is quite high. Also, the user license and TCO is expensive. In the case of Microsoft’s ActiveSync, users need to acquire SSL certificate. The mobile device must be compatible with ActiveSync server.


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