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IBM’s Disruptive Flash Memory Technology on x6 Servers

IBM recently broadcasted the new line of x86 servers, including the general cumulative product developments like a performance changer named “eXFlash”. eXFlash is the only commercially obtainable implantation of a MCS design broadcasted in the previous year by a company named, Diablo Technologies. This MCS architecture, along with IBM’s eXFlash proposes to particularly allow disruptive flash memory technology to be embedded on the system as main memory. In this case latencies are substantially lesser than the others available for flash options. This offers a better performance that too at a lower solution cost compared the other implanted flash elucidations.

Key aspects of this disruptive flash memory technology announcement include:

  1. Write latency for IBM eXFlash is expected be between 5 to 10 microsecond range, where finest competing mezzanine card along with PCIe flash offers 15 to 20 microseconds and the external flash storage is sluggish still. Plus, the DIMMs are connected to memory controller and the flash I/O doesn’t vie with any other I/O present on the system I/O hub or a PCIe subsystem, refining the system’s overall performance for systems dealing with heavily-loads. Additional profits consist of linear presentation scalability due to the amount of DIMMs upsurge also helps the elective built-in hardware mirroring of DIMM pairs.
  1. MCS flash seems as a regular block-mode device; therefore the already existing block-mode software works no matter what which consist of applications, caching as well as tiering or just overall storage management softwares. Particularly for IBM users, consonance by IBM’s storage managements as well as FlashCache Storage Accelerator solution is certain. The other vendors face almost zero to extremely low sweat in succeeding their solution.
  1. In this disruptive flash memory technology, extensive choices for applications, which includes digital marketing, analytics and general VM even VDI hosting along with seismic and image processing, as well as high-speed trading, fundamentally anything that benefits from the on-board PCIe card and mezzanine flash card, benefits from eXFlash.

eXFlash DIMMs will be obtainable in 200 GB along with a another 400 GB capacity obtainable on new x3650 as well as a x3850 system. A 2-socket x3650 is constructed having up to 3.2 TB of flash DIMMs and x3850 is loaded till 12.8 TB with 32 DIMMs from 96 slots.

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