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How performance charts Help in Fixing VM Network Timeout Issues

Virtual networks in VMware are similar to physical networks. vSphere is planned to imitate the functions of a physical network, so most of the network hardware found in the real world will also be found in virtualized VMware. This network is composed of all the same hardware however, these objects are virtualized. It mainly comprises one or more virtual machines that can send and receive data from one another. Each virtual machine signifies a single computer within the network and exists on an ESX or ESXi server.

In order to connect to a network, a computer must have a network interface controller (NIC) which is also known as a network card or adaptor, installed. NIC allows the computer to interface with a network. Generally, computers are linked with a device known as a switch which helps in creating a local area network (LAN). This is used in most of the businesses. A LAN is a group of interconnected network-capable devices curbed to a small area. Additionally, switches are accountable for wisely routing the network traffic to the suitable destination.

In an extremely critical virtual infrastructure, it can be really difficult to find out the source of trouble behind the network performance issues. It requires a deep check into the system else, it will be hard to find a resolution. Users will start encountering issues from their end. However, there are certain tools which the users can use to explore the system and come up with a diagnosis for VM network timeout issue.

Firstly, it is advised to use the performance counters in the vSphere client to examine the networking statistics of the host and VM. It is possible that users encounter packets being lost. Moreover, it would be difficult to find the reason behind this force packet loss hence, it is essential to determine how it is occurring.

This issue generally occurs when there are networking problems or when the vmkernel is burdened. To set up the statistics, configure the chart options for the ESXi host to display real-time network counters. Also, this should be done when both transmit and receive packets have been dropped. Additionally, it is better to check the usual suspects, such as duplicate IP addresses, and strive to use another physical network interface card to link the virtual switch to the physical switch to get rid of physical troubles.

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