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What’s New in Sage 50 Accounting Software 2017 U.S. version?

Here is the latest information regarding the ‘UPDATE‘ of Sage 50/50c 2017 version. The software, in-program download, was scheduled to release on 2016. So, listed below is what are included in this update. As an overview, the initial update will mainly be focused on resolving various types of software issues such as:-

1) ACH payments


The users with an SPS (Sage Payment Solutions) merchant account can process the credit card or debit card transactions within Sage 50 software. While processing the electronic bank transfers then the ACH (Automated Clearing House) will require using the SPS online terminal which is not integrated with the Sage 50 Accounting software.

Solution details:

  • ACH transactions are managed within the Sage 50
  • Especially good for the recurring transactions
  • Get paid faster and make more sales
  • Transactions appears on the user records
  • Transactions are included on the reports, dashboards, as well as the Payment Center


Allow the users of Sage 50 with an SPS merchant account in order to process the ACH payments (electronic bank transfers) within the Sage 50.

2) Sage 50 Pause/Resume


When a user is working in the Sage 50c company online, then others in the office will be restricted from working in the Sage 50c. There is an option like Stop Sharing feature, but it will require the user to start the company download process over again.

Solution details:

  • It helps when the Wi-Fi is not always available while traveling.
  • It is good for stopping, to close the fiscal year, run data verification, or purge records, the activities that can’t be performed online.
  • Allows the other employees to work in Sage 50c while the online users are in Pause mode.
  • Much simpler than the Stop Sharing, which requires logging and re-sharing the company.


The new Pause and Resume feature will allow the user to pause the online activities of Sage 50c program, and continue working offline, and also resume working online with an automatic data synchronization.

Automatic Intelligence Reporting activation


With each major Sage 50 the U.S. version, users have to enter a new activation code in order manually to use the Intelligence Reporting. The process will create a poor user experience and also often requires manual intervention by the User Service.


With the beginning of the 2017 version release and for all the future releases, Sage Intelligence Reporting feature will be activated automatically.

IPM (In-product Messenger)


While Sage 50 offers multiple methods for the in-product user communications, there are some limitations also for delivering relevant messages that are based on the product, industry, release year, number of employees, or the services being used. The process is further limited as it can’t be deployed easily or quickly.

Solution details

  • Easily manage the frequency of communication
  • More options for the segmentation
  • Provide a value-added advice and the information
  • Provide relevant information to the specific groups of users
  • Quickly communicate time-sensitive information


Provide marketing with a self-service tool in order to quickly deploy more targeted as well as relevant in-product messages, including year-end advice or support issues.

Streamlined installation


The installation process of Sage 50 remains a headache for the users and it is a significant support call driver.

Ongoing issue

The update can be run from within the current software when available. Continuous efforts in order to streamline the installation process and simplify the product updates for the users.

Updated Web Sync Wizard


The browser-based technology that is utilized by the Web Sync Wizard is not officially supported by Microsoft inc.


Update the Web Sync Wizard to use native components (i.e., it is no longer web-based)

The other Sage 50 2017 version updates will be released throughout the year.  Since the year 2015, Sage 50 has been releasing 3 more such updates per year and also not making the user wait for the next version to avail the advantage of software enhancements.

Sage 50 Accounting Software Hosting Service Providers eradicates many such types of issues related to installation or updates. By using Sage 50 Cloud Software Hosting Services, you can have a hassle-free experience and enjoy your work.



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