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Sage 50 Software Sticks Its Roots In The Cloud

Sage 50 software, which is the product that was formerly known as Peachtree, has long been seen as an alternative in the market of the small business accounting software, Intuit’s QuickBooks. With the release of the Sage 50c software, it has finally emerged from its ‘on-premises only’ obscurity, in order to offer great new features and expand its reach.

These features are demanded by most of the businesses and virtually all the accountants have a synchronized access to the accounting database while they are off-site.

Sage 50c software, which is the latest upgrade version of the Sage 50 product line is available for Pro, Premium and the Quantum editions. It offers the ability to sync one or more Sage 50 company databases which are up to a maximum of 50 databases to the Sage Drive, which is a new Cloud-based storage space included with a Sage 50 Business Care subscription.

The off-premises users can easily access the Sage 50 company database from any system that has Sage 50 accounting software installed on it via Sage Drive, even when they are not physically connected to the network where the database resides.

At this time, the Sage Drive synchronization is intended for the occasional (off-premise) use, especially for the bookkeepers and the accountants for making entries, for the businesses to run reports, and to enter the transactions while they are off-site.

Once the remote users connect to the synchronized database, then that database will become ‘read only’ for everyone else who will access that company on-premises.

When the remote user exits the system, then the database will again become available in the multi-user mode for everyone on-premises (with a valid license).

We are expecting this limitation to disappear in the future releases as the users feel comfortable with the power as well as the versatility of this new feature.

The system administrator of Sage 50 accounting software (someone in the company having full rights to the database) are required to initially activate the Sage Drive synchronization service, and then they can designate up to five users for the off-site access.

However, only one (off-premises) user at a time can access the Sage Drive-synchronized database.

This new capability is quite similar in terms of what QuickBooks has offered to the accountants for years, which has made the product giant in the eyes for many accountants.

We believe that Sage 50 is a much better product when compared to QuickBooks in a few specific areas such as inventory, job costing, and integration with the Sage product Timeslips, etc. With this new capability,  the adjustments that are generated by the accountants should become much easier to manage.

Perhaps it makes the Sage 50 accounting software a more popular and accessible choice for both, accountants as well as for the small business owners.

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