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Sage 50 Hosting: Perfect Solution for Effective Business Management

Sage 50, earlier known as Peachtree Accounting is one of the most advanced accounting software. This accounting software is especially designed and developed for small businesses. Sage 50 comes with different versions of Pro, Premium and Quantum.

All these versions of Sage 50 are loaded with quintessential accounting features that your new age business needs. Major features of Sage 50 accounting software are: outlook synchronization, compatibility with Microsoft Essentials, cash receivable/payable, check writing, purchase orders and bill payments.

Sage 50 loaded with a wide gamut of industry-specific features is suitable for all types of businesses.This sophisticated accounting software backed by cloud technology can further empower your business and give ultimate mobility, security and flexibility.

Hosting Sage 50 accounting software on a cloud server, helps businesses transform their accounting system. Sage 50 hosting is, in fact, one of the most affordable solutions for having effective business management.

In this blog post, let’s understand why your fast-growing business needs Sage 50.

5 Top Benefits of Sage 50 Hosting

1. Uninterrupted Accessibility

By hosting Sage 50 on a cloud server, you don’t need to worry about accessing Sage 50 files from a remote location. You can access Sage 50 files from anywhere, at any time and from any device you love.

2. Easy Updates and Scalability

Hosted Sage 50 keeps the accounting system of your business up to date. Your Sage 50 hosting provider automatically updates your software with all the latest update releases and help you with the most advanced Sage 50 experience.

3. Guaranteed 99.995 percent Uptime

If you host Sage 50 on your in-house server then, you may anytime experience difficulty in accessing your accounting software. Due to technical and network errors, internal servers may need timely maintenance, which also leads to downtime.

If you, however, host Sage 50 on a cloud server then, you may not encounter any downtime issues. Guaranteed uptime with Sage 50 hosting also helps you enhance the overall productivity of your accounting system and maximum Sage 50 ROI.

4. Minimal IT Upfront Cost

By hosting Sage 50 accounting software on a cloud server, you don’t need to make extra investment for having in-house IT infrastructure or an IT professional. Reduced IT cost also lets you have a bandwidth to invest more in other business-critical functions.

5. Round-the-clock Support

At any point of time, you can encounter errors while operating Sage 50, due to which may need immediate support. To have hassle-free Sage 50 experience, you can avail Sage 50 hosting and get 24/7 technical support and consultation.

Sage 50 hosting offers several other advantages, such as enhanced data security and decreased IT management responsibilities that help you to radically transform accounting system of your business and take it to the next level.

Selecting a Sage 50 Hosting Provider?

Sage 50 hosting offers mind-boggling advantages to CPAs, Accountants and SMBs. Sage 50 hosting also helps you build effective business management to get financial reports at your fingertips and lot more.

If you want to get Sage 50 hosting, feel free to contact us right now. We are Techarex Networks. With our years of experience, we excel in delivering customized and innovative Sage 50 and QuickBooks hosting solutions.

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