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How Sage 100 Hosting : Empowers Your Business to Take Better Decisions

By hosting your Sage 100 on Cloud, you can stay assured of getting better control over your software application. Sage 100 hosting also keeps you relieved of the hassles quickly and efficiently so that you can work more productively. As you concentrate more on your business’s core responsibilities, decision making improves accordingly.

Your business strategy should be like you make what you do quickly and efficiently so that you can be more productive. Upgrading your internal processes can be an incredible way to do that.

Sage 100 ERP is a software used by SMBs (small and mid-sized businesses) to enhance their customer experience, streamline their processes, grow their businesses, and to take better decisions.

This software involves low operational costs for businesses and offers several customized features that not only helps in increasing their productivity but integrates their work across various departments as well.

Hosting your Sage 100 software on cloud provides your business more power and control over your applications. Now, you can understand why it is the time to host your software solutions on the cloud.

The answer is that, there is always room to upgrade your business. Services such as SaaS (software-as-a-service), or cloud hosting, have become very popular to enhance the business productivity and provide data security.

These companies out there focus on creating powerful IT networks, so that your business can have an opportunity to get stronger and have faster performance without any large investments.

There are different types of cloud solutions that offer you a varied range of capabilities. In order to have the best environment for your Sage 100 ERP software, the private cloud is the ideal solution for your business. The private cloud offers complete control over your hosted software as well as the users who have access to the hosted data.

The private cloud does not limit your growth and offers the tools & features that you require from your software.

With Sage 100 hosting on the private cloud, you are assured that you are not missing out any of the features that you want from Sage 100 ERP software. You will host the software so that you can use it on the cloud just like it was installed on your own computer.

Fully Featured Sage 100 ERP Software

I am sure you are in love with your in-house Sage 100 software. It works like it has all the tools and features used by your business. However, when you are hosting your software on the private cloud then you will get exactly what you need.

Sage 100 ERP Hosting comprises of:

The Sage 100 ERP hosting includes accounting & finance, business intelligence & reporting, sales management, inventory and warehouse management, purchasing management, manufacturing management, customer relationship management, human resource and payroll management, time management and project management.

● Sage 100 Standard which was formerly MAS 90 is a file-server edition that is especially recommended by the CPAs instead of any other accounting software.

● Sage 100 Advanced which was formerly MAS 200 is a client-server edition.

● Sage 100 Premium which was formerly MAS 200 SQL has the features of Microsoft SQL Server.

Mobility With Sage 100 Software Cloud Hosting:

You are able to access the cloud from anywhere. The cloud has made it so much convenient to login from any internet enabled device from wherever you are.

The private cloud is amazingly powerful as it allows you to access your powerful software from any device. You can access your Sage 100 ERP software using your laptop, smart phone or tablet while being on the go.

Security as well as Low Cost:

Security always comes at priority for any business. You have to opt for the solution that will keep your data highly protected so that you don’t have to suffer from any data loss or breaches. You can speak with your cloud service provider to get the specific security standards that meet your requirement.

Your business gets to host its Sage 100 ERP software and data on the servers that are well maintained and optimized to let your business run smoothly. Usually, your business would have to make huge monetary investments for building up that type of technology.

You can save your money on having the best technology to work through when accessing your Sage 100 software. In addition to that, you will also get a team of professionals for things related to the update and maintenance of your server so it keeps running smoothly. You can have a lot of opportunities with your Sage 100 hosting.

Sage 100 ERP hosting allows you to take your business to cloud. You or any of your other users just need to have an authentic login ID and a password to access your data on the servers.

With Sage 100 hosting, not only you enjoy all of its features, but also you can free yourself from the botheration of maintaining the backup of your huge critical data or dealing with its issues related to security.

Important factors such as remote support, scalability, ERP, and enhanced data integrity comes easy with it. Sage-100 ERP hosting also provides you the power to have a real time collaboration with your clients, that allows you to reflect on your work done quickly and efficiently.

So, with Sage 100 hosting service, you can concentrate more on the core responsibilities of your business. The security of your data is no issue as your data always remains secure.

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