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Peachtree Hosting Service : Boon To Accounting Business

Sage 50 application hosting is one of the greatest solutions for the small businesses. Small and medium businesses need solutions that provide them a most efficient workflow with lowering their operating costs. The cloud service provides you a number of benefits including remote access solutions, security, and guaranteed uptime.

Apart from these benefits, you’ll have a more reliable access to your data with the security you required. SMBs have been gaining access to the much more powerful tools to handle their day-to-day processes.

Cloud solutions have made it easier to expand the IT environment without the need to invest in so many of your resources to make it happen. The cloud is a wise investment and provides your business more flexibility with its schedule.

Remote Access to Sage 50 Software:-

Accounting for small business is one of the important processes. Sage 50 hosting puts your Sage 50 accounting software on the cloud, and you can access and update your files whenever required.

As your Sage 50 is on the cloud, so that you can access to your portal through an Internet browser on your PC or Mac to login and use your hosted software easily.

You always have a remote access to your Sage software whenever you have an Internet connection and an Internet-enabled device. These are the only two requirements to get an instant access to your data. It is amazingly convenient to check your Sage 50 software via your phone if you are traveling outside of your workplace.

Security For Your Software:-

Sage 50 software Hosting is an incredible way to boost your IT environment. Deploying the cloud puts your software on the highly advanced servers as well as providing a team of proficient experts for maintaining your environment.

 A cloud-hosting service provider puts all its resources into an environment which is perfect for protecting your data. Usually, your cloud provider is primarily focused on keeping up with your security so that you know your data is highly protected.

The next factor that improves your IT environment is the maintenance. You don’t need to put your resources toward preparing a team of the professionals for monitoring your network or for updates.

The cost of maintenance with security is all part of your monthly subscription, it means you don’t have to face so much of upfront costs in buying the servers and paying for staff for keeping up with maintenance.

Guaranteed Uptime:-

Your cloud will work if you can’t rely on the constant connectivity of your data. Downtime is very dangerous to your business. If your servers lose the connection, then you wouldn’t be able to access your Sage 50 software to do any of work.

Thus, it is important to go for a Sage 50 hosting service provider that has redundant Internet connectivity so that the users can be accessible.

The cloud hosting solution put your software on priority as it can determine the success of your business.

A cloud with a redundant Internet connection ensures that you can always access your information. It makes Sage 50 hosting an incredibly powerful and a reliable tool that can be used to keep the business ahead of the game.

Sage 50 software includes numerous vital accounting features in order to make the accounting operations more effective.

Sage 50 hosting also have the amazing compatibility to its supportive nature of the cloud hosting. An ASP (Application service provider) and the cloud computing company caters a number of advantages by hosting Sage 50 software on its cloud servers.

The capability to hosted Sage 50 application on the cloud servers offers many benefits to the business, CPAs, accountants, and accounting firms etc. Some of the benefits are:-

  • Freedom with anytime, anywhere access – The Sage 50 cloud hosting provides the ability to access the software from anywhere, anytime.
  • Sage 50 multi-user cloud hosting – With the cloud hosted Sage 50 application, you can have the accessibility of the program and your company data from anywhere, anytime through the internet connection. Sage 50 hosting allows you to either work from the office, home or from the client location.

The fantastic feature of Sage 50 hosting is that you access your company data with multi-user mode. It means multiple users can perhaps work on exactly the same file from anywhere, anytime. The company users, CPAs, and the business clients can access same the files simultaneously and all are in real-time.

  • Assured High Availability – If you’re considering Sage 50 hosting, then the high availability of the user’s’ application would be an inbuilt feature, with all the ASPs (Application service provider) you receive 99.9 percent of availability of the user’s accounting work.

Switching to the cloud not only offers you 24/7 access to your application and data, but it also keeps it protected and more secure than it would be if stored on one computer or in-house.

In case, system crash or a laptop was stolen, or a business location catches on fire, then the critical business data and files would most likely be lost.

But with the cloud, the applications and data safely stored, a business or employees can simply log on and access everything they required from a different system. As long as you connected to the internet, you can continue your work.

Generally, it is also more cost-effective to have your applications hosted since you are taking advantage of what is often referred as a ‘utility resource’. Hosted Sage 50 in-house requires installation, updates or upgrades and the maintenance which can be costly up-front, and then continue to cost you money throughout the lifetime of your application.

But when you move your Sage 50 software to the cloud with a hosting service, then they handle everything that required to run your software on a virtual desktop. All that you need to do is provide a license, and just your work is done. You can also avail the same service as Sage 100 hosting or for 300, 500, or Act.

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