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Basic Accounting Features of Sage 50 Accounting Software

Sage  50 makes accounting operations extremely simplified for businesses. Among the several accounting solutions available in the market today,  Sage 50 is the most popular choice of businesses due to its features like Charts of Accounts, Reconciliation,Printing Checks, Custom Import and more.

Every business, whether small or medium, requires highly sophisticated technology, which significantly helps it lessen business burden and automate various business deeds. Earlier, it was difficult for a business to develop fast and reap enormous profits.

Thanks to continuous development of technology as many software programs are readily available in the market to help both the small and medium sized business from across the world.

The market with several accounting solutions is always ready to allure the customers; however, only a few make the right choice. Sage 50 is an ideal selection among those very specific software programs.

Various accounting entries are done behind the scenes of the software and that is by carrying out every-day business chores. However, businesses are missing some of excellent advantages of using this superior accounting solution due less familiarity. Here, the blog post covers some important points that will help you to know how the software can be extensively helpful for running small ventures.

Online Banking

The accounting software enables you to take advantage of its online accounting software and you should always set up Sage 50 accounts for download of online banking data.

There are many financial institutions that provide data downloads directly into the Sage 50 software reducing the need of unnecessary data entry.

It is up to you whether you want to choose the mode for either private information or shared information. All banking activities carried out by the software notably reduces the time and risks of costly mistakes.


Custom import in Sage 50 is highly advantageous for simplified business process.  You can have option for importing the data if the institution does not provide any of import capabilities into Sage 50 software. You are free using CSV converter to convert any data file into Sage 50 file.

If option of the software allows you to create intuit importable files so you can import the data into Sage 50. However, you will require a program to develop the function to your software which helps you completing the import process.

Printing Checks

Maintaining cash flow is crucial part for a business and printing checks may help in the matter. Sage 50 with its accessibility check printing reduces the need of manual efforts. Also, the feature helps you keeping the cash flow updated and increasing the efficiency.

You simply do not need to do data entry with printing checks from Sage 50. This helps save time and simplifies the process notably.

Charts of Accounts

When you create company data file, the software automatically creates a chart based on the business type you selected from the wizard. The feature allows you to monitor various crucial aspects needed to run a business productively.  It gives you the list of all accounts used by the company and helps in easy maintenance of profit-loss reports.

This gives you the overview of the business needs and helps you to customize other specific requirements at the same time. It provides valuable information you can use to control unnecessary needs.


This is one of the most influential features that Sage 50 users should use. Being the user, you should make sure that the process of reconciliation is done on a consistent basis to keep track on the business activities.

All applicable accounts including bank accounts, credit cards, loans, payroll liabilities etc. should be timely reconciled so that, you can view what you have spent on which indispensable services or product use for the organization.

Memorized Transaction

This feature helps you to enter transactions that take place on a regular basis or for recurring transactions. Using the option of memorized transaction, to a great extent, helps boost up the efficiency and requires a smaller amount of time to get paid.

It has certain options to be filled automatically into the software including bills, journal entries, invoices, payments and many more. For instance, by memorizing the bill, you can make payment automatically and Sage 50 automatically deduct the amount from attached account.

Web Apps

There are a wide range of applications that can be integrated with the software program to help run businesses efficiently. Every third party application has unique features and adds potential features to the software program.

You will need to be sure whether the application or add-on is supportable with the specific version of Sage 50 you use.

Contact the service provider and seek support to get the answer. These applications allow your individuals to work through any device like computer, mobile, or tablet and that too with Sage 50 multi user mode.

Navigation Center

With navigation center in Sage 50, you are able to access information related to customers, inventory, vendors, employees etc. Business status, customer sales, Employees & Payroll, Inventory and Services, Banking, system with their shortcuts helps you receiving complete information.

These options will let you know complete information on how your finances are being used to run your company. There is a list of complete customer information you can quickly drill down to view the details.

By using all these options of Sage 50, you can simply make your Sage 50 software is ready to produce benefits for your small sized business.

What Else You Need To Know About Sage 50?

For a very long time, Sage 50 has been leading the accounting software and allows business-owners to gain full control of their venture. It is almost impossible to get maximum benefits from the software without cloud hosting solution. Selection of the right destination for cloud hosting services helps you in managing the business more easily.

Techarex networks is dependable, experienced, and well-known Sage 50 accounting Software hosting provider with customized hosting plans.

The good service provider through robust hosting services helps customers fulfil their business needs and multiply the benefits. You can check out Techarex Networks hosting plans and compare the prices before moving anywhere!

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