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A Small Insight Into Sage ACT! Scratchpad

One of the numbers of new features of the Sage ACT!, there is the addition of Sage ACT! Scratchpad. This feature exists for both, the standard as well as the premium product. It also supports web-only users of premium web server setups.  We would like to detail some of the nuances of the different versions also some general tips for your help.

First of all, let’s talk about its user interface. Some functionality tips, and certain functionalities that work as it does:-

Tip # 1. Use cut/copy/paste: 

It works for copying or pasting to/from the clipboard for both windows and the web setups.  The standard keyboard also shortcuts work i.e. CTRL+X, CTRL+C, CTRL+V.

Tip # 2. Use Plain text:

The RTF (Rich-Text-Format) data is not supported in the client.  Therefore, pasting the data from another rtf client will automatically strip out the formatting of the string that you are pasting such as text color, bolding, justification, etc.

Tip # 3. Put contacts in manually when Sending to Sage ACT!: 

When moving data over from Sage scratchpad to Sage ACT you will need to make sure that a contact is placed in contact field of the note, history, or activity.

Now we come onto some differences with windows and the web client users:

  • For Windows Users:

In order to ‘Send to Sage ACT!’ you need to have Act running on the same system as the Sage ACT! Scratchpad. If you want to get the local data file that Sage ACT! Scratchpad store, then you can found it’s data in %APPDATA%\ ACT\ ACT Data\ Sage ACT! Scratchpad.xml

Note – ‘%APPDATA%’ is a windows specific path variable in your windows environmental settings. So, you can use this string directly by going to Start > Run and it will open in your XML browser of your choice.

  • For Web Client Users:

If you want to get the local data file that stored in Sage ACT! Scratchpad, you can found it’s data in %APPDATA%\ ACT\ ACT Data\ Sage ACT! Scratchpad Web.xml

In order to have Sage ACT! scratchpad installed on your system, so you need to install it from within the web client – Run Tools > Install Sage ACT! Scratchpad.

Technical notes – When the installation occurs on the web client user’s system, it will send the encrypted data containing the username and password for ease during the setup.

With the implications of ‘Send to Sage ACT!’, it will launch the web browser and navigate to the server and login to the database using those credentials.

There will be a caution; if you change your password in Sage ACT! Program (web client), then Sage Scratchpad will not be aware. Therefore, you will be prompted to login again.

You can get around this by changing the password in the Sage Scratchpad by going to Tools and select Preferences and then you are able to make changes as well as you can change user name and database name.

We hope some of this information will help you through some of the ins and outs of using this feature. It provides you a feel for some of the internal workings of the program and the decision-making that goes into it.

You can also opt for a Dedicated Sage Hosting Service provider for more convenience as by that you don’t need to have any kind of headaches related to installation, updates, security etc. You and your team can enjoy the working on the software and data from anywhere with an ease.

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