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5 Simple Data Security Tips for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

If reports are to be believed, more than 170 million personal records including financial data, trade secrets and other important files from different sectors got exposed in 2015.

All big and small organizations, once or another time, have become the victims of data breach and many other are experiencing the same problems.  So, it would not be wrong saying that data theft is much-favored work of hackers or cyber criminals and it leads to a great loss and requires a huge time for recover the failure.

This is high time to take action! 2017 should be high on your list and contribute to fix business’ security loopholes. Here, the article discusses a few important elements you can consider to run a business in the safer environment and eliminate security blues. If you are a business individual, you must read the information-

Limiting Computer Access

To designate a username for every computer user is extremely important for your business even if you have one or two computers. This should be the foremost important element for security purpose.

Designate a username and limit the access by setting the levels of profiles. This would not let anybody access to vital information stored in your computer and limit the authentication to make changes in the computer system.

Securing Wireless Network

It is great to tie a computer with cord; a wireless network is always a targeted point for the hackers and cyber criminals. Relying on a wireless network is important but restricting the access makes a crucial decision.

To highly protect the computer, use strongest encryption standard for the router. Do not forget to protect the Wi-Fi and router with passwords.

SSL for Transmitting

A recent report claims that more than 150 million spam mails are sent everyday and therefore it is important to secure the connection through Secure Sockets Layers.

SSL is a combination of public-key and symmetric key encryption, which helps to set the secure connection between two machines- mail server and client machine. The protection from SSL helps to prevent hacker attacks based eavesdropping.

Use of Trustworthy Cloud Solution

Cloud technology is the rage. Many companies are moving towards this technology-based solution to store the data on cloud-based servers. However, selection of right hosting service provider can help you out with the problem of data security.

Techarex Networks is a trustworthy hosting service provider and known for delivering a scalable solution for businesses that cannot afford the high cost of internal IT infrastructure. The service provider has everything that you need to secure the data. Whether you are looking for a QuickBooks hosting provider or Sage act hosting provider, you can consider Techarex Networks  to achieve the best business solution.

Training the Staff Members

If your staff members are aware of latest technology and methods used to secure the data from the hackers and other cyber criminals, you would be able to run the business properly. The best way to keep your individuals updated with latest security aspects is the training. You need to train staff members, improve communication and bring best practices to secure the data at the best point.


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