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All About E-Filing With Your Sage 50 Accounting Solution

In today’s scenario, most of us take e-Filing for granted. Do you remember those days of the traditional preparing paper payroll tax returns? it seems like ages ago. However, we are really reached too far from it.

It is hard to recall what it was like to have papers all around, like going to the files room to look for something and hoping a piece of any important paper didn’t get lost in the files. We were so much happy with the smooth transition went to paperless for those work products, and now the payroll also can be paperless.

One of the numbers of services you can integrate into your Sage 50 Accounting solution is eFiling payroll tax deposits. We all know that, the eFiling federal payroll tax deposits is mandatory and now more than half of the total states require eFiling as well. The eFiling with Sage 50 Accounting is the easiest way to stay in the compliance.

You can use eFiling as it saves a lot of time and by far it will be most valuable commodity for you. you can eFile both quarterly as well as year-end payroll tax forms directly from the software. It also helps you and your clients to avoid late fees and there’s added an extra bit of accuracy followed by not having to input anything manually.

With Sage 50 Accounting solution, you are able to also set up the text reminders for you and your clients. These reminders let them know about the important deadlines on the payroll, payroll forms, and other payments.

This also helps in avoiding the missing filing deadlines and the costly penalties which are associated with them and shows your clients that you are ‘in the know’ and on the top of meeting their government regulatory requirements.

Sage partners with e-File services that are integrated directly with the Sage 50 Accounting software. The fee which is associated with e-Filing vary, but they are worth it well when it comes to the peace of mind that you and your clients are getting.

There is one thing that you may realize about taking so long to become paperless and start e-Filing payroll tax returns. We drag our feet in this field as our clients were dragging their feets and we did not want to push them. However, once we start moving the payroll taxes to e-Filing and email notices, the clients picked it up quickly and they like it.

Furthermore, you can accelerate the pace of business with Sage 50 accounting software hosting service provider and discover a whole new way of doing your business.

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