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All About Sage 50 Accounting Remote Activation Application

For Sage 50 Accounting software, there are a number of new modifications to the Sage 50 Remote Activation Application. The application assists the support analysts with troubleshooting the failure while activating the software.

The application can work as a standalone process and it helps with retrieving or applying the Pervasive key, retrieving the activation information, and also showing a detailed log of all the activities and communications with Sage Pass server.

  • exe is executable for the application and the file that resides in the Program Path directory.
  • It is advisable to run the application as an administrator when the ‘UAC’ is enabled on your workstation.

Running the Sage 50 Remote Activation Application

Before running the application, you have to always make sure that the computer contains the company data. Always run the application on the system that holds the Sage 50 accounting data (computer server).

  1. Double-click on the ‘SageReg.exe‘, file that is located in the Program Path.
  2. Then the main window of Sage 50 Remote Application will launch.

To retrieving a new Pervasive key in Sage 50 Activation tab

  1. On the Sage 50 Activation tab, you need to select the Activate button to retrieve a new Pervasive key. And, during this process, there will be a communication with the Sage Pass server when there is a requirement for a new Pervasive key.

Now, Sage Pass will return a new Pervasive key and the activation files such as entitlements.xml and softwareinstallations.xml.

  1. Now a warning message will appear on the screen with a successful activation. In order to complete the activation process, you have to open Sage 50 Accounting Activation tab.
  1. There will be a log created during the process on the Sage 50 Activation tab. Then, this logging will display some of the exceptions that are returned by the Sage Pass and Atlas.
  1. The last step to complete the activation process is to start Sage 50 on the computer that stores the company data. Sage 50 will complete the activation automatically.
  1. The process is complete; select the OK button on the Activation Complete window.

For Adding New Connections in Sage Intelligence Reporting:

A Data Connection holds a relevant connection information in order to connect to the supported ODBC or OLEDB compliant data source. And then, this data connection object will be used for all the connections to this data source.

The Connector can make the data available from the data source by adding a data connection.

To add a new data connection, you have to double-click on the Enterprise object. Then in the object window, you have to select the relevant connection type i.e. driver to use for the connection by just clicking on it. Now, right-click and then select Add Connection.┬áNow, type the name of your connection in the ‘Connection Name’ field.


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