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You’re Go-to-Guide for Having the Advanced Document Management System

Nowadays, accounting, legal and other firms are going paperless and have started banking on technological advances for document management and other day-to-day financial activities.

Many of the firms see paperless document management solutions also as an opportunity to easily meet unique and urgent client requirements.

If you are, however, still relying on a paper-based system to manage different financial documents and reports, then, it’s obviously the right time to have the most advanced system for document management.

In this blog post, we will discuss and understand affordable and easy ways to get the contemporary and the best document management system.

QuickBooks Apps for Document Management

If you are using QuickBooks Desktop then, the easiest way to have the advanced document management system is to integrate it with required QuickBooks Apps.

There are several QuickBooks apps that you can integrate with, to automate, scan and store different financial reports and documents. Let’s look at a few great apps.


SmartVault is one of the widely used apps for document management. Let’s look at the advantages of using SmartVault for document management.

Online Document Storage

SmartVault app offers 24/7 online storage and access to several documents from anywhere and from any device.

Customizable Folder Structure

SmartVault app enables easy and customization folder structure. You can store your documents in the way you want and can have complete control over it.

Two-way Sync Functionality

Whenever you update QuickBooks files, your documents stored in SmartVault automatically get updated.

Easy and Secure Sharing of Files

SmartVault ensures that all the files that you share with your colleagues or clients are secure and no unauthorized person has access to it.

Easy Backup of Company Files

In incidents of QuickBooks data loss, you can easily restore data from SmartVault QuickBooks app.

B2BGateway EDI

B2BGateway EDI is the cloud-based app that can be easily integrated with all the versions of QuickBooks Desktop. Advantages of integrating this app with QuickBooks are:

High Speed through Electronic Communication

One of the major advantages of using this app is that exchanging of purchase orders, invoices and other business documents are really fast, and there is no waiting time.

Labels and Packing Slips

By using this app, you can easily create barcode slips and other packing slips. This advantage of B2BGateway EDI app saves a lot of time that were unwantedly consumed for creating labels and packing slips.

Faster Payment

Electronic communication feature of this app ensures that your documents are fastly sent to your clients, which ultimately also results to faster payment.

Tabs3 Billing

Tab3 Billing is one of the widely used apps by different firms for billing, accounting and practice management. Advantages of integrating this app with QuickBooks are:

Bill Exactly the Way You Want

This app gives you different billing rates flexibility that you need to solve unique client’s requirement. You can even customize the rates and use it as per your convenience.

Create Easy-to-understand Reports

By integrating Tab3 app with QuickBooks you can simplify complex accounting and financial reports. Simplified reports are well-understandable even if your client doesn’t have good hands in accounting terminologies.

Electronic Billing and Task Bills

With the help of this app, you can create multiple electronic and task bills without wasting your time.

The Way Forward

These are three economical QuickBooks apps that you can use to have the most advanced document management system for your accounting firm.

If you want to know more about these apps or want to know more about QuickBooks hosting, feel free to contact us right now.

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