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Why Your Business Needs QuickBooks Apps?

QuickBooks: The Perfect Accounting Software

There may be several resources in forms of human, software, machines that you may use for solving your daily business challenges. For managing your accounting and tax activities, you may be relying on QuickBooks, the most advanced accounting software.

With more than 2 Million users and 80 percent market share, QuickBooks is also the most trusted and used accounting software. There are several advantages of QuickBooks, such as: easy updation and calculation of financial data, payroll management, invoice and billing generation and more.

Easy Customization Options: Still What You Need

You may also be using QuickBooks Hosting for getting enhanced end-user experience and support while using QuickBooks. However, even with all-inclusive QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Hosting services, you may still find it difficult to deal with many challenges arising from managing accounting tasks related to specific to different industry segments like law and healthcare.

Though QuickBooks offers different versions catering to some industries, it still becomes difficult to manage some tasks using those industry versions, that is where QuickBooks Apps come to your aid.

There are several QuickBooks Desktop Apps that you can easily integrate with QuickBooks to solve specific accounting tasks related to your industry segment, or at times when you are looking for a specific feature that is not available in QuickBooks and you still need it. An example could be a scenario where you want to schedule an automatic backup of your QuickBooks files which is a feature not available by default in QuickBooks and you still want to do that, you can make use of QuickBooks app which easily plugin to your QuickBooks and make this possible.

In this blog post, we make you better understand the use and feasibility of QuickBooks Apps and we will also list down the top Apps that are best-suited for your business. Let’s start.

Decoding the Advantages of QuickBooks Apps

Customized Financial Dashboard

With QuickBooks apps, you can easily customize the available QuickBooks dashboard according to your own industry standards.

Managed Inventory

QuickBooks apps breakdown the list of your business inventory and brings statistics and figures at your fingertips that you can use while taking critical financial decisions.

Real-time Data Updation

For taking any decision for business expansion or cost-cutting, you may always want to get real-time financial data. QuickBooks apps facilitate end-users with real-time data and enhance productivity by manifold.

Enhanced Business Analytics

You may always wish to get the financial business analytics according to your core industry. Industry-specific QuickBooks apps help you get the most advanced data analysis, which is critical for your daily business activity.

Top QuickBooks Apps


With 7500+ users Acctivate is the most popular and all-inclusive app for online retailers and distributors. Acctivate helps you to with easy inventory and order management, purchasing and decision making. This app is simple to use, scalable, affordable and has all the key features required for managing your business.

Fishbowl Inventory

Fishbowl Inventory is the most comprehensive QuickBooks app for small manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. Through this app, you can easily get real-time inventory updates and status, which in fact is quite helpful for taking business decisions. By using Fishbowl Inventory app, you can also easily generate work orders and bills.

Method CRM

Method CRM app helps you get all the clients and customer follow-ups at one place. By integrating this app with QuickBooks can easily track emails, phone calls, appointments and more that let you deliver your client’s or customer’s needs.


MISys SBM is the best manufacturing inventory management app that helps you reduce inventory costs, improve production efficiency, integrate manufacturing and accounting and also help you analyze manufacturing costs more accurately.

TSheets Time Tracking

If you are facing any difficulty in managing and tracking employees who are paid on an hourly basis, then TSheets Time Tracking app is just perfect for you. TSheet Time Tracking app simplifies the entire payroll process, invoicing and job costing process.


Undoubtedly, QuickBooks works best with QuickBooks apps and help you save time and money. It also lets you easily customize your accounts as per your business needs. To ease down your financial activity, there are several QuickBooks apps available in the market, but we bring the most trusted apps for your business.

If you wish to know more about our QuickBooks apps or QuickBooks hosting services, feel free to contact us right now.

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