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Why People Are Upset with QuickBooks Desktop Security Update

There are a number of reasons why people hate  QuickBooks Desktop Security Update. Some of the reasons are more valid than the others that are mentioned below. It has been noticed that most of the businesses are lax with security.

We all often can see the situations where there are no passwords at all, or the people use passwords that are totally worthless.

Some of the popular reasons why people are upset:

What if you are not concerned about the protection of your critical information? Some people use QuickBooks for common tasks, so they don’t feel the need for any passwords. However, Intuit is making that decision for you.

Why there are complex passwords? These passwords are harder to remember, and also people are more likely to just write it on a sticky note that stuck to their monitor.

Changing password in every 90 days. If that is required (but it is not always depending on the circumstances) it creates a huge problem in keeping things up-to-date, and also remembering the latest one.

What if your business runs multiple files of QuickBooks? Your user login is set as per company file, so every user needs to remember a complex password for each separate file.

What about accounting businesses where you have a large number of separate QuickBooks files of the client, but also could have a large number of employees or users who are accessing those files? The management of that so many files and the users can be a crucial job.

For someone who is testing QuickBooks in a wide range of configurations, then this update is the biggest hassle to handle. But that is not something that is significant.

What Causes the Need for a Complex Password

The major confusion here is that up to now, you only required a complex password if you were dealing with the critical information like credit card information.

Now there are two factors of causes regarding the complex password requirement in the QuickBooks desktop security update. One is, customer credit card information and the other one is personally identifiable information.

What You Have To Do?

There are only two ways to avoid all  these kind of password requirements:-

Do not install this update or you can just remove all of the sensitive information from your file and turn off your customer credit card protection).

Generally, it is not recommend that you freeze the installation of your QuickBooks at a particular revision. Intuit always work on bug fixes and reliability updates, so that it is best to keep your product up to date.

It is often recommended that you should wait to install a revision until you are sure that the revision does not cause more problems than it will fix. And, on occasion, there have been some updates that are advisable to skip.

However, even if it is recommend skipping a revision, then we have to install a later revision down the line. With this security update, usually, we don’t see Intuit is backing off or making really some large changes down the line.

It could be a mistake on that account, but from what we see that, this is going to be the way it works to moving forward. So someday, you are eventually going to want to install an update that has this same change in it.

You can also avail a number of benefits from QuickBooks cloud. You can access your QuickBooks on the cloud, while on-the-go. It assures uptime of the dedicated servers that allows anytime accessibility to accelerate collaboration.

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