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Why Go for QuickBooks Premier Over QuickBooks Pro

There are many business owners who usually get confused when it comes to choosing QuickBooks Pro or Premier. When we talk about QuickBooks Pro vs. Premier then there is no denying the fact that QuickBooks Premier has an array of advanced features, unlike QuickBooks Pro.

In fact, QuickBooks Premier has more powerful features for any business dealing in inventory.

Apart from that, specific industries take advantages of the specialized features Premier offers. Also, there are specific reports that are only found in QuickBooks Premier version.

So, here we are discussing the additional features that are only available in QuickBooks Premier:

● Change Orders: Change orders can be tracked separately to track your indispensable content.

● Inventory Center: With QuickBooks Inventory Center, it is very easy to find inventory activities just by accessing your inventory items and the inventory related reports from one place.

● Access for up to 5 Users simultaneously: Can be compared to limit of 3-user capability of QuickBooks Pro. It also requires purchasing one license for one user.

● Price Levels per item: Able to set custom price tables for individual items for different customers/jobs.
On the other hand, QuickBooks Pro can only do a global discount on the Price Levels feature.

● Sales Orders: Can create sales and backorders as a one step prior creating invoices. And, these are the requests for the goods/services in a ‘PRE-INVOICE’ format that you’ve received from the customers.

● Multiple Units of Measure: Able to set multiple units of measure for each inventory item to track the amounts that are used and available. Also able to easily convert from the cases to pallets or other units that you can define.

● Billing Rates: Can set different billing rates by client, employee, and service. You’ll be able to pay and get paid the right amount quickly and easily by setting individual different billing rates.

● Job Costing Center: Able to check the Job Costing Center for an instant reading of how you are doing your current jobs. Summary key information for all your jobs including which jobs are most and least profitable, in a single window.

● Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet: Can track which sales orders are ready to be shipped.

● Create Purchase Orders Automatically: Faster PO data entry directly from Estimates or Sales Orders with a single click.

● Business Plan Tool: A powerful built-in feature

● Reversing Journal Entry: A fast way to create journal entries.

● More Sample files: Work with chart of accounts and menus that are tailored by industry

● Unlimited Archive of Bank Reconciliation: Where, QuickBooks Pro Hosting only allows you to reprint the last reconciled report only, on the other hand, Premier can go back to any of them no matter how much they old.

It will be easy for you to choose the right QuickBooks edition if you compare the different features each version offers.

These editions are available at different price points, so I recommend that you map the features against your budget and choose the edition that best suits your needs.

You can also choose Techarex Networks QuickBooks Hosting and get QuickBooks editions at economical monthly pricing.

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