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Top 9 Benefits of Integrating CRM with QuickBooks

Are you aware of the fact that integrating CRM with QuickBooks can save your lot of time while streamlining the workflow with automation, generating revenue through sale opportunities and improving business relations by offering visibility into client and vendor information?

Well, a CRM is designed in a manner that it can thoroughly be integrated with QuickBooks. Also, it provides everyone with a visibility to analyze the needs of customer and vendors without accessing sensitive accounting data.

Additionally, when a CRM integrates properly with QuickBooks, the sales and management team maintain information up-to-date at fingertips so that they can identify sales opportunities and respond to needs and requirements of customers & vendors.

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CRM & QuickBooks Integration: Benefits

Besides all these, here is a list of a few benefits when CRM & QuickBooks integrate:

  1. Work within the application of choice

You can work within the application of choice. It allows combining all information including contact details, employee calendars, important emails, history of orders and sales in the pipelines in just one database.

  1. Respond quickly to client questions or concerns

It helps to respond quickly to client question and concerns including order status, purchase order history, invoice balances and payment information.

Business productivity increases as employees won’t waste time in searching information. CRM will provide everything at their fingertips.

  1. Quickly identify up-sell opportunities

You can quickly identify sales opportunities with comprehensive reporting. Also, sales representatives can access order history of each account.

It helps them to view the records of purchased items and what can be the other recommended products and services.

  1. Assure accuracy by automating “pipeline to invoice” workflow

The integration assures accuracy by automating pipeline to invoice workflow. On a single click, convert the quotes into the sales order and orders into invoices.

It ensures no human error in entering details and information or missing out any important details.

  1. Eliminate double data entry

Adding on the benefits, you can even drop the chances of double entry to the list.

No matter whether the information is updated on the integrated CRM application or QuickBooks, it simply gets transferred from one system to the other. We can enter contact info, timesheets, sales orders or invoices in one system and the changes will automatically get reflected on the other system. Even the changes in inventory are also synchronized.

So, simply enter information one time and save yourself from duplication.

  1. Improve information accuracy

You can improve information accuracy and stay more ensured about up-to-date contact information. After integration, the changes reflect immediately in both the systems and therefore ensure that all communication that includes invoices & purchase order are correct.

  1. Have your entire team work from “the same sheet of music”

Employees dealing with customer interaction must deliver a consistent customer message and have common details of customer history.

  1. Timely enter orders into QuickBooks

Employees can timely enter sales orders in the CRM and synchronize them into QuickBooks. You need not wait for the remote access to QuickBooks or sent emails for this purpose.

  1. Eliminate need for expanding QuickBooks user licenses by seeing needed data in the CRM system

 With the right integration, CRM users are empowered to create transactions such as sending quotes and creating orders without touching QuickBooks.  Thus, Companies can set permissions to access to QuickBooks to accounting and management personnel only.

This is quite common among organizations that are facing issues in handling priorities & automating the way to do the business. By integrating CRM and QuickBooks enterprise hosting service, you can improve your business and grow with pace. So, you can think about integrating CRM and QuickBooks together to enjoy the benefits.

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