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Top 7 Things Small Business Owners Must Know About QuickBooks

QuickBooks is an advanced yet simple to use accounting software package, developed and promoted by Intuit.

It is a financial management solution launched mainly for small and medium-sized businesses and offers on-premises accounting applications as well as cloud-based versions that alleviate the use of multiple Excels, tables, spreadsheets, and tracking sheets necessary to document and maintain accounting tasks at a company.

It is the comprehensive, popular and user-friendly software reconciled for calculating taxes. Created for use by small or medium-sized businesses, the software boasts a combination of features focused on helping users to manage all of their accounting functions, like accounts payable, accounts receivable, credit card management and financial reporting.

Small business owners must know the following facts about QuickBooks:

1. Basic Accounting

QuickBooks manages all your accounts, invoices, employees, cash flow, vendors, customers, banking, and suppliers, Keep track of sales, expenses, profits, and also analyzes business performance with hundreds of reports.

It provides all of the accounting tools and functions required by an experienced businessman to run the business while simplifying the process easy with an intuitive interface thus minimizing errors and maximizing productivity


QuickBooks have automated bank feeds and can manually import files (like CSV and QFX). It has its own bank feed service.

QuickBooks hosting has come a long way with its Banking page and works fantastically if you’re trying to follow up on a backlog of imported transactions.

3. QuickBooks cloud Hosting

QuickBooks can be effortlessly hosted in a cloud environment by a third party, cloud hosting provider such as Techarex Networks. It provides 24x7x365 accessibility to QuickBooks and real-time association among end users.

4. Desktop-> Hosting-> Desktop

QuickBooks users can easily change from Desktop to hosting. It is similar to copying your desktop QuickBooks setup and pasting it on your secured servers. It usually takes few minutes and can be done back and forth any time you want to switch between two.

5. Accidental Loss Of data

QuickBooks Hosting from Techarex Networks provides good data backup facility for accidental loss of your financial data. Even if any important file is deleted it can be easily recovered.

6. Easy Integration

QuickBooks is expertise in third party integration that can be Excel, word, or outlook. Many POS systems, CRM software’s, e-commerce platforms etc. can easily be integrated with QuickBooks.

7. Pricing

QuickBooks have low-end packages in certain territories, starting at around $39 a month, but may rise up to $44 or $100 to get the majority of functionalities – and double that if you wish to add-on functionality like payroll.

One must be aware that the prices depend on the software, territory, and price point chosen. One can easily choose which package will add the best value for your business.

Small business owners must acknowledge these facts about QuickBooks and take advantages of it.

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