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Top 5 Reasons To Choose Hosted QuickBooks Instead Of QuickBooks Online

Intuit has kept marketing of QuickBooks Online on priority. QuickBooks Online is highlighted as the most important product of Intuit.

For instance you may get attracted towards QuickBooks online but you need to know the following facts before making the final decision.

1. Service outages of QuickBooks Online

With reference to one of the blogs written by Scott Gregory in 2011, it was reported that QuickBooks users suffered from two days service outages in 2010 and several multi- hour outages as well.

Such type of services disappointed the QuickBooks Online users. Was there no redundant server mirroring? Why there was no redundant mirrored server at a physically separate location?

Although Intuit gave some official response for such type of failures but that was not convincing to the small business owners who use QuickBooks for creating invoice entries and sales purposes.

QuickBooks Hosting

2. Lack of Support

Small business owners have the tendency to troubleshoot their problems themselves. However in case of multi-day service outages they find themselves helpless to come out of the problematic situation.

They cannot call any one for troubleshooting or hardware replacement.

The best solution is to use Hosted QuickBooks i.e. hosting the desktop version of QuickBooks on a third party server such as Techarex Networks.

Our experienced engineers are available round the clock to keep your QuickBooks running hassle free all the time. You are also provided access to our robust knowledge base so that you get answers to all your queries.

QuickBooks Hosting

3. Uptime and Downtime

Customers are unaware of the fact how vulnerable QuickBooks Online can become in downtime. The main reason behind these vulnerabilities is the dependency on layers of supplier’s relationships.

Most of the online services are built upon the purchased services of cloud based architecture.

Hence you must use the hosting services of Techarex Networks with an uptime of upto 99.995 % availability.
QuickBooks Hosting

4. Critical Add-ons

Intuit ignorance to the integration of QuickBooks online with the third party application is a major downfall. They would have given an easier way for converting existing applications to work with QuickBooks Online. But unfortunately they have not done it.

5. Learning a new interface

QuickBooks Online provides you data center reliability, but doesn’t generate a local copy of your data.

If you want to switch from QuickBooks Pro, Premier, or Enterprise to QuickBooks Online edition, you need to learn an entirely new interface and you compromise with several essential QuickBooks features.

On the other hand, Best QuickBooks Hosting Provides the ease of use to users i.e. they run the same familiar desktop version of QuickBooks on remote server. All the features of the desktop versions are available with full functionalities with hosted QuickBooks.

We provide top-tier data centers (Tier IV), fully-clustered server redundancy, automatic backup, virus monitoring, firewall protections help to secure your accounting data and applications against accidental data loss and natural disasters.

These are some of the basic reasons to opt for hosted QuickBooks rather than QuickBooks online.

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