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Top 10 Striking benefits of Cloud Hosted QuickBooks

A highly used Accounting software, QuickBooks is used to manage the sales, expenses and keep track of regular business transactions, such as customer invoices and bills payments. It is used by millions of small and medium-sized businesses all across the globe.

There is no denying that it has a number of features using which, any type of accounting tasks can be handled with ease.

We are often confused regarding the difference between QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Cloud Hosting. As a matter of fact, they are totally different. Here, we are discussing the top ten striking benefits QuickBooks cloud offers.

1) Save money and time with a more efficient system

As many businesses owned the QuickBooks online, depending on such factors the costs of QuickBooks Cloud hosting are a lot less. And, comparatively it offers more features at low lost which is more beneficial for any business.

2) Get access to essential features of QuickBooks

The critical and most essential features such as creating purchase orders, tracking inventory, assigning multiple price levels to the items, and online bill pay functionality are not available in QuickBooks online.

Cloud Hosted QuickBooks offers you a full-featured access to your application with the same look and feel you are familiar with.

3) Extraordinary Functionality

While operating Cloud hosted QuickBooks, you will feel like it is running on your personal computer because of the layout and Windows operating system user experience it offers. On the other hand, QuickBooks online only offers a limited browser based functionality.

4) Support Accessibility

Going for QuickBooks cloud hosting service means you are opting for more than a product and it means selecting a team as well. Customer support related to both QuickBooks as well as IT becomes a part of the regular benefits included with QuickBooks cloud offered with Techarex Networks

5) Third Party Software/Platform Integration

For instance, hosted QuickBooks seamlessly communicates with ACT!. Therefore, when a new client is entered into ACT!, then it will automatically populate corresponding information into your QuickBooks once set-up correctly.

6) No need of converting data to new format

If you have QuickBooks and you select QBO, then your data will need to be converted, but if you have QuickBooks and join QuickBooks Hosting services, then there is no need of any conversion.

7) Customized letters generated

On the cloud hosted QuickBooks, letters, for example, collection letters, can be easily transformed in the Microsoft Word to incorporate or to omit the elements. But, the template letters that are provided in QuickBooks Online (QBO) cannot.

8) Excellent reporting ability

Apart from having more reports, the cloud hosted QuickBooks data can also be exported into Microsoft Excel, which is used for inputting gridlines, formulas, and for adding columns for making notes.

9) Ability to restore financial data

QuickBooks Cloud has the capability of restoring your financial data from a previous date. And, this is also not available in QBO.

10) Financial professional access

Cloud hosting service providers work with CPAs and bookkeepers in order to create a customized portal for a quick access to the financial data of their clients and also simultaneous multi-user access to streamline processes between users working together.

We can confidently conclude, that QuickBooks hosting has an edge over QuickBooks online due the striking features it offers. You can opt for QuickBooks hosting with Techarex Networks for a smoother and much improved QuickBooks experience for yourself and your clients.

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