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Top 10 QuickBooks Add-ons To Make You More Efficient

Undoubtedly, QuickBooks by Intuit is highly competent in handling accounting tasks. However, there is always space for better performance.

Your business can extract more out of the accounting software with some add-ons. These add-ons can help small businesses in inventory automation, lowering shipping costs etc.

Some of the best QuickBooks add-ons have been listed below to refine your hosted QuickBooks experience:

  1. Calibrate your Business Strategy:

Online add-on named Corelytics Financial Dashboard, is a subscription based web service provided by CoreConnex. It is a tool to analyze the stored data on your QuickBooks account and presents the results in charts and graphs.


  1. Run a postcard Marketing Campaign

Small businesses must employ the use of Postcard Services to reach out to their clients and users through mail. It is highly cost-effective and easy to use.

Make use of different kinds of templates, design it and mail it to the clients or users using contact list from your QuickBooks account.

  1. Reduce the shipping costs

AgileShip by BeneShip is one of the most proficient applications for shipping services. It can compare rates for U.S. mail, parcel and freight services and then set up shipment and record the costs back into QuickBooks.

With lesser time you can forward bulk emails to all the clients and users.

  1. Check for Errors and Frauds

While using QuickBooks, it becomes mandatory to ensure cyber security for your data online.

To ward off all kinds of cyber threats, small as well as medium-sized businesses must have AuditMyBooks Analyzer add-on.

Audit MyBooks Analyzer add-on

  1. Better Performance of Inventory Management

To have an efficient Inventory Management of the bulk data storage on your QuickBooks, SOS Inventory by Saddle River Software is the right tool.

It also handles and manages sales order processing and manufacturing support tools.

The features of this app can be accessed on all kinds of electronic gadgets, ranging from computer to smartphones.

  1. Set up a Facebook storefront

Use the add-on One-way Commerce by Propelware to get your business on the most popular social networking site, Facebook.

With this app, you can establish a storefront for your QuickBooks data on a Facebook page.

  1. Enhance your Bill pay process with paper free work

 It is certainly a tedious task to manually fill in all the data in an account. Bill.com eliminates   such a need.

With this application, all the bills get automatically registered. The payment is done through your system.

  1. Get help with QuickBooks Online Data Import

It becomes simple to import data into QuickBooks account with Transaction Pro Importer. It is a web service by Bay state Consulting.

All the data can be validated before it is imported to the online account. This helps in keeping down the possibility of any error in the online file.

  1. Manage Remote Workers

With the assistance of a web service like Atduty Field Service, your business goes smoother with the involvement of remote workers.

It helps in better bookkeeping as well as management. It is an ideal tool to draft schedules and create invoices.

It can also take control of payment related tasks and keep a record of employees and resources.

  1. Create a customer portal for customer support

OfficeAntCustomer Portal is used for providing instant customer support. We can use OfficeAnt’s templates to design the portal ourselves.

 A free version supports up to five users while the paid versions start at $10 a month upto 50 customers.

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