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How To Solve The Issue When QuickBooks Web Connector Cannot Access QuickBooks

QuickBooks Web Connector

A software application running on Microsoft Windows, QuickBooks Web Connector (QBWC) enables web-based applications to effectively exchange data with various QuickBooks products. In this blog post, we will know the method to fix one of the most common handling errors arising with QuickBooks Web Connector.

Access Error in QuickBooks Web Connector Explained

In most of the communications occurring between your QuickBooks (by means of the web connector) and your web service, most of the things will proceed as per your expectations once the web connector starts working.

However, there will be situations when you come across error conditions and inability of your web service to access QBWC is one of the most common of these errors.

The QuickBooks web connector becomes unable to access QuickBooks due to some reasons that further lead to no data exchange. Some of the most typical causes for such an error include following –

  • The requested company file could not be found
  • The requested file is not the one open currently in QuickBooks

When facing such a problem, your web service should be able enough to handle the issue properly.


So, what’s the Solution for this Problem?

It’s highly recommended to not retry the same QBWC accessing operation in absolute response to connection Error more than twice.

In case the problem still persists, you can use getLastError for notifying the user about the issue.

When your web service responds to the authenticate method call of QBWC by clearly indicating that there is some amount of data available for exchange with QuickBooks, the QBWC calls following methods of QuickBooks XML Request Processor –

  • OpenConnection
  • BeginSession

If any of these method calls fail due to any reason, a specific error code and message gets displayed to the user.

The QuickBooks Web Connector also lets your web service know the details of the encountered error by means of the call connection Error. Following is the signature for call connection Error –

string connectionError(string strTicket,

string strHresult,

string strMessage)

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How Your Web Service Needs to Respond to QuickBooks Access Error?

For this category of error, following are the two actions your web service can take –

  • Return the string “done” that will tell the QuickBooks web connector that it’s not possible for the web service to go ahead further.
  • In case your web service looks up to trying a different company, you simply need to provide the company’s pathname in returned string.As per your will, you may supply an empty string in case you have to use any of the company files that are open. The QuickBooks web connector will accordingly respond and will attempt establishing connection with QuickBooks again with the help of that supplied string.

We hope this blog post helps you handle the access-related error arising with QuickBooks Web Connector in a much easier way.

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