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Simple Checklist For Choosing The Perfect QuickBooks Hosting Provider

QuickBooks is a one-stop solution for all types of accounting-related issues. However, users while settling for a QuickBooks hosting provider for their business must keep in mind certain points if they want to reap maximum benefits from the accounting software; same have been listed below in the form of a checklist.

1. The hosted QuickBooks program offered by the service provider must ensure data security for your business assets. General as well as confidential data is stored on QuickBooks.

There must be proper physical as well as virtual security standards to ensure thorough security against cyber risks.

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2. QuickBooks Hosting program must mark a significant downfall in the cost of business by providing one platform for all your accounting related data. The cost of the hardware, as well as human resource, also goes down.

3. The speed of the server must be fast and uninterrupted. It facilitates easy and smooth operation of the QuickBooks account. Even when there are numerous users using the account, there should not be any interruption.

4. The QuickBooks hosting provider should be able to host all versions of QuickBooks. By now, there have been over 25 editions of QuickBooks. Different QuickBooks users have different versions. The provider must be compatible to run all the features of all the versions.

5. Numerous users must be able to access a file on QuickBooks file. This is useful when major business decisions are to be taken in a short time. Also, one user must be able to access multiple files at one time.

6. The edition of the QuickBooks must be automatically upgraded as and when there is an update available for the software. This saves time as well as efforts. It reduces additional expenditure on technical apparatus.

7. There must be automated backup and firm recovery strategy for your data on QuickBooks to ensure data security against all kinds of data loss threats.

8. It’s the hosting provider who gets to choose which QuickBooks licenses to buy. All the licenses are provided by Intuit itself. So, before you finalize a hosting program, make sure that the host has the subscription for the QuickBooks version that your business requires.

9. Full Technical support must be provided by the hosting provider itself.

Different hosting providers have different terms of use of their services. So, it is a must that you go through all the conditions before signing any contract with the service provider.

QuickBooks hosting pricing of different service providers are different. It is, therefore, important to look for QuickBooks Hosting provider reviews. And, also make sure to choose a company that offers nominal pricing structure as offered by the reputed QuickBooks Cloud hosting company Techarex Networks, details for which are shown below –

FEATURES QuickBooks Premium QuickBooks Premium+ Quickbooks Platinum Max QuickBooks Business
Hosting Charges $100 $140 $200 $300
User Accounts Included 2 3 5 10
Additional User account $44 $44 $39 $29
Applications Included MS Office 2010 MS Office 2010 MS Office 2010 MS Office 2010
No of Applications hosted 2 3 4 5
Additional Applications $10 $10 $10 $10
vCPU Included 2 2 4 6
Additional vCPU 2 vCPU $40/month 2 vCPU $40/month 2 vCPU $40/month 2 vCPU $40/month
Memory 2 GB 3 GB 4 GB 6GB
Additional Memory 1 GB @ $20/month 1 GB @ $20/month 1 GB @ $20/month 1 GB @ $20/month
Storage 20 GB 30 GB 50 GB 100GB

You can accordingly make the right decision to choose the plan suiting your requirements.

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