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Should I Switch To QuickBooks Premier From QuickBooks Online?

There are a number of SMBs who are confused regarding the matter of which QuickBooks program they should go for, QuickBooks Premier or QuickBooks Online. According to QuickBooks, QBO is preferred but most of the users want to Go for QuickBooks Premier.

Switching from QuickBooks Online to Premier

Switching from QuickBooks Online to Premier is not an easy task. Intuit inc. sells their QuickBooks Online as a subscription service, and it is always trying to push as many QB users to Online as possible. As a subscription service, Intuit inc. receives payment on a monthly basis, which provides Intuit a steadier flow of income.

However, we all know that QuickBooks Online is not a robust enough program for the ad specialty distributor business.

Right now, for the ad specialty distributors, QuickBooks Premier is one of the best QuickBooks products. It handles the unique as well as complex details of the business, such as customer sales orders, invoices, supplier purchase orders, and much more.

With QuickBooks Premier, you can purchase the software once and the Intuit inc. will support it for at least three years.

The conversion from the Desktop versions of QuickBooks Pro, Premier or QuickBooks Enterprise to QuickBooks Online is quite a simple process. You’ll be told that if you don’t like Online, the conversion back to one of these other products is equally simple. But you have to beware.

We recently worked with one of the clients who wanted to switch back to the QuickBooks Premier. Then, he quickly discovered that how less useful the QuickBooks Online product was. The conversion back to the QuickBooks Premier cost some hundred dollars and also involved a number of adjustments and fixes.

The ad specialty business is quite complicated. And, there is more to the accounting than simply the size of the businesses or a number of transactions to the account for.

QuickBooks Premier and Quickbooks Desktop Enterprise

QuickBooks Premier and Quickbooks Desktop Enterprise can be modified better in order to serve ad specialty distributors. According to a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, they always advise ad specialty distributors to use QuickBooks Premier and Enterprise instead of online, often in association with other industry-specific software.

These are especially for managing the complexities of the ad specialty business and results in being time-saving, eliminating errors, and an overall the accurate accounting solutions for your business.

QuickBooks Online is an ideal solution if you are running a service-based business that does not require the features like inventory tracking options, having simple invoicing requirements, etc.

However, the Desktop version of QuickBooks is generally the best solution if you are a product-based business that requires one or more features such as multiple inventory tracking options, batch invoicing, and Industry-specific versions.

To avail more benefits from the QuickBooks Premier program, it is advisable to go for QuickBooks Premier hosting. It doesn’t require any IT related hassles and almost all aspects related to the software are supported by the service provider.

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