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How To Search and Edit Customers Records In QuickBooks 2016

To search & edit customer’s record in QuickBooks, you need to follow the given steps:

Step 1:

● Double click on QuickBooks icon to open it and ensures that you have opened the correct company file.

Step 2:

● Click on the Customers tab in the menu bar.
● Go to – Customers >Customer Center.

Customer Center - Records in QuickBooks 2016

● The Customer information page will be displayed on the screen.

Customer information page - Records in QuickBooks 2016

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➢ QuickBooks users will be able to view customers list with their current balance.

➢ You can filter customers with All Customers, Active customers, customers with opening balance, customers with overdue invoice, and customers with almost due invoice or use custom filter for customer search.

Customer information page - Records in QuickBooks 2016

➢ When, we use the custom filter, the “In” fields dropdown gets auto populated with the common fields such as names, address, phone etc.

custom filter - QuickBooks 2016

➢ Once the filtered record is selected, its information like transactions, contact details etc. gets displayed on the right hand side of the page.

➢ Double click over the row to edit a customer. This will navigate you to the Edit customer page.

➢ You can edit address, payments, accounts, tax and additional information of customers.

Information of customers - Records in QuickBooks 2016

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➢ Current balance field cannot be edited since it’s a result of the Transactions you have entered for that customer.

Congratulations! You have successfully edited the customer record in QuickBooks.

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