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How to Restore QuickBooks Backup Easily

 It is important to maintain the backup file that contains your company data up-to-date while using QuickBooks. You need to ensure that you update the most recent file.


Steps to Restore Company file to QuickBooks

Follow these steps to restore from QuickBooks hosted to your local PC.

Step 1:           The foremost step is to save a backup copy (.QBB) or portable backup (.QBM) to your local machine, for example, your desktop. In case, you have a backup on an external USB drive, move it to your desktop first.

Step 2:                Login to Hosted QuickBooks

Step 3:                Now, Click on Open or Restore an Existing Company File.

Restore QuickBooks Backup

Step 4:        Select the file you want to upload to QuickBooks Hosted:that can be “Restore a backup copy” or “Restore a portable file” depending on the requirement.

Restore QuickBooks Backup

Step 5:                Select “Local Backup” and click Next.

Restore QuickBooks Backup

Step 6:        Once you have opened the local backup, Click on the drop down box and browse to where your file is located on your C: drive

E.g. to get to the Desktop it may be:

Windows 7: C:\Users\\Desktop

Windows XP: C:\Documents \\Desktop

Step 7:        Browse to and select the backup file (.QBB or .QBM) then press Ctrl + C together (copies the file)

Step 8:         You need to Select the drop down box and move back to the Q: drive.

Step 9:        Press Ctrl + V for a single user, if there are multi-user accounts then double click on the Shared Company folder (usually .lnk) and press Ctrl + V. This will begin the uploading of the file.

Restore QuickBooks Backup

Step 10:        Once the file has been uploaded, select the file name and click on “Open.”

Before entering your password (if applicable) for your company file, follow any screen prompts that appear till your file is being restored completely.

The process needs to be followed only once for each file that is required to be uploaded.


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