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Resolving Error – QuickBooks Company File Cannot Be Opened

QuickBooks is one of the most powerful accounting software for handling all accounting activities. You may come across minor difficulties while working with QuickBooks.

It may happen sometimes that you try to open QuickBooks company file but fail to do so. In this case, QuickBooks reports an error “QuickBooks company file cannot be opened”.

If this error is not resolved on time, many critical business operations will halt. Follow the given steps to resolve this error:

Step #1:

Make sure that you are using the latest version of QuickBooks.

Step #2:

Open the QuickBooks company file in the same version that was used previously so as to avoid ambiguity.

Step #3:

It is recommended to open the file directly throughQuickBooks, instead of taking an alternative way.

Step #4:

Hold the “ALT” key while opening QuickBooks company file so as to prevent any other report or QuickBooks windows from opening.

Step #5:

You must try to open sample QuickBooks company file.

Step #6:

Try to move the QuickBooks company file to a different location and then attempt to open it. There are chances that it might get opened at once.

Step #7:

You must check the properties of the QuickBooks company file and mark for any falsifications issues with respect to integration, compatibility or file format.

Step #8:

If you are still not able to open the company file then rename it.

Step #9:

Once you have opened the company file to a different location then try to open it from there itself.

Step #10:

Rename the “.tlg” file.

QuickBooks Company

Step #11:

QuickBooks File

Turn off multi-user hosting.

Step #12:

Edit the file extension of the company file.

In case you are not able to resolve the error by following the above-mentioned steps then move the company file to a separate computer system.

If you can boot the file successfully on this system, it means there were some hardware issues in the previous system it can be QuickBooks compatibility, or the system itself.

Also follow the given steps to progressively find the solution for this problem.

Step #1 :

Update QuickBooks if required.

Step #2 :

Run “Reboot.bat”

Step #3 :

Perform a complete installation of QuickBooks i.e. start from scratch.

Step #4 :

Select the option “Repair” from the QuickBooks installation window.

Once it has been completed and the file still doesn’t open, then most probably your company file is damaged/corrupted.

Congratulations ! You have successfully opened QuickBooks company file.

If you are finding it hard to perform the above steps yourself, you can also call our support team.

Our support team consists of trained QuickBooks advisors with years of experience to help you out with any QuickBooks issues.

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