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Resolution of Error 6123 in QuickBooks Multi-user Mode

QuickBooks is one of the powerful accounting software. But, it has certain shortcomings. It’s true that you cannot ignore its potential. However, its shortcomings needs to be resolved while using QuickBooks for day-to-day needs.

QuickBooks users come across this error 6123 which is very common. This error is reported while the user works in multi-user mode. But you do not need to worry about it as, it can be easily resolved with a little effort at your end.

Step by Step Process to resolve Error 6123

Case 1:

The computer name of the location where you have hosted the file has been changed

Reboot the system.
Step 2:
Start the QuickBooks application again.
Step 3:
Go to File>Utilities>Stop hosting multi-user access.

QuickBooks Multi user mode

Step 4:
Go to File>Switch to Multi-user mode.

QuickBooks error 6123

Important Note:

If you are not able to open the company file and “Switch to QuickBooks multi user mode ” option is not available then Go to File>Utilities>Host multi-user access.

Case 2:

McAfee Privacy service is installed.

Step 1:
Open the McAfee Security Center.
Step 2:
Choose the ‘Privacy Service’ tab on the left side.
Step 3:
Choose ‘Configure Privacy Service Options’ and then select the ‘Options’ tab.
Step 4:
Choose the ‘Block Info’ tab and then uncheck the ‘Block Web Bugs on this Computer’ option from the list.
Step 5:
Close McAfee Security Center.
Step 6:
Open QuickBooks in multi-user mode.

Thus, you can easily resolve error 6123 by following the above steps.

We have taken the example of McAfee here, but if you have any other security software conflicting with it, you have to locate the corresponding setting inside it and make the above changes.

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