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QuickBooks: The Ultimate Customer Portal Add-on

Are you an entrepreneur whose business focuses on the B2B marketplace?

B2B means Business-to-Business and it refers to a set of circumstances where one business makes a commercial transaction with another.

It typically occurs when: A running business is sourcing materials for their production process for example a food manufacturer purchasing sugar.

A businessman would like to spend minimum time on data entry jobs and other related non-value added tasks. To remain completely focused on business you might be searching for any of the following solutions.

You might be searching for a mediator between your warehouse and your order system with full shipping integration.

A dynamic solution for your sales representatives such that they can enter their own orders so you don’t have to.

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You might be looking for an easy way for your consumers to input their own orders, check the status of your orders and inventory levels.

The most important thing is that you have the ability to drive all the above automatically synchronized with hosted QuickBooks software.

Now commerce is an example of such an QuickBooks add-on.


The required customer portal must have the following features for your business and should allow your customers to:

1. Check real-time pricing and inventory levels
2. View shipping status
3. View pending orders
4. Check account history

All the customized order forms that can satisfy the specific needs of each and every customer. Such order forms can vary from super simple to complicated matrix pricing.


The customer portal add-on sales representative portal offers many time-saving features in such a way that the representatives can take care of your customers that includes the following:

● You can see the real-time pricing and inventory levels
● You have the ability to check shipping status
● Review pending orders
● Review account history

The Now commerce add-on can also provide the following features:

● It allows you to monitor customer activity
● It permits you to set customizable alerts
● It allows you to manage pricing and discounts
● You are allowed to view their own accounts, and not those of other reps


The now commerce fulfillment platform module can be integrated with QuickBooks and will be more beneficial if QuickBooks is hosted on a third party service provider such as Techarex Networks.

● Allow the shipping information to be shared with your sales reps and customers
● Electronically transmit shippers from QuickBooks to your third party warehouse
● Auto populate QuickBooks with critical shipping data.

Choose your Add-on as per the requirements

The Now Commerce products are established in such a way that you can select just the module(s) you want suppose if you require only the customer portal, then you are required to pay for only that particular model.

In short you have the facility to select module as per your requirements and pay as per their usage.

B2B businesses are at the core of the consulting practice, especially those in manufacturing and distribution.

The Online order management system and customer portal add on can be integrated with QuickBooks hosting and can thus prove beneficial for for your B2B business.

Now Commerce has a free trial which can be downloaded from their website http://www.nowcommerce.com/

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