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Intuit Terminates QuickBooks® Remote Access Service – Switch To Hosting Immediately

Small or medium sized business owners, accountants, CPAs, financial consultants etc. are aware of the benefits of accessing clients information remotely, where the entire team can work upon and share the same data files in real-time.

It also facilitates the user to accurately maintain financial data for all the business clients. Internet is the medium which permits the users to practice various working models and access business data and information to accomplish the work.

The existence of virtualized working model has become necessary for accountants and their business clients otherwise the client is left with no other option than to accept the outdated information, especially in small business firms where most of the financial processes are carried by distanced professionals.

But the QuickBooks remote access services has removed all the barriers to real-time efficiency. Unfortunately, the creators of QuickBooks, Intuit are now discontinuing the remote access services of QuickBooks.

There are a number of options for QuickBooks users to either work closely with the small business owners or switch to cloud and host the application with the help of third party hosting provider.

There are a variety of benefits of hosting QuickBooks over cloud and experience the benefits of remote access and mobility. If the obstacle is access, the solution is n’t to change the software – the solution is to get the access.

With the end of QuickBooks Remote Access services by Intuit, it the high time to explore QuickBooks hosting. So contact a QuickBooks hosting services provider today.

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