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QuickBooks Pro Tip: Tackling Typical Big File Size Issues

QuickBooks is deployed by several accounting business across the globe and there are a good number of reasons behind that. Nes with a host of QuickBooks user-friendly features that make it o doubt QuickBooks comso popular among accountants; however, there are some queries that trouble accountants.

In this blog post, we will provide answers to the typical query related to large size of files in QuickBooks. Let’s take a look

Too Large QuickBooks File Becomes a Big Problem at Times

QuickBooks Pro Tips

Several QuickBooks users, especially Pro and Premier Users, are troubled with their QuickBooks file becoming too large. All such users are generally suggested by support resources to upgrade to the Enterprise edition of QuickBooks. This advice seems to be pretty logical considering the utility of QuickBooks Enterprise design to handle large database sizes.

Now here comes the next big problem. QuickBooks Enterprise costs fairly higher than Pro or Premier Versions. Here, we are talking about the costs of initial purchase, annual upgrades as well as the support plans.

QuickBooks Enterprise is considered the right fit in case the file size is more than 150 MB. However, there’s a twist involved too in this too.

Experts though are not sure where this 150 MB limit figures came out from.

It’s well known to many that the database’s technical capacity has not altered since the QuickBooks 2006 version was made available for accountants.

May be your QuickBooks file size becomes quite big and goes past 150 MB; however, you rarely experience any downgraded performance of your accounting software. Possibly, you face the issue not exactly at 150 MB but somewhere beyond that like 300 MB, 700 MB or more.

What’s the Right Solution?

So, if you face any issue due to your big size file in QuickBooks, it’s not necessary to upgrade to the Enterprise version straight away. Rather you can try following options –

Clean up your File

QuickBooks comes with an in-built utility that will help you shrink the large size of your file to a more acceptable one. However, it must be mentioned here that the file change is quite small in this case.

Super condense your File

It involves removal of the old, closed transactions from your QuickBooks file. It is a much effective method that reduces file size by 50 to 80 percent.

Surely, by following the methods as described above, you will get your large QuickBooks file in the right size.

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