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QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise: Exploring 10 Key Differences

The comparison between QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise versions can be made on the basis of the following key differentiating features-

  • Number of Simultaneous Users

Every computer that needs to use QuickBooks requires its own paid, licensed copy installed on it.

QuickBooks Pro will allow up to 3 users and Premier will allow up to 5 users working in the same QuickBooks file simultaneously, without any exceptions.

However, up to 30 users can work in the same QuickBooks file at a time in the Enterprise version.

  • Data File Size

Pro and Premier data files  of  150-200 MB (megabyte) size take a long time to run reports Although, the Enterprise version was designed to manage a much larger data file.

There are few businesses who are running smoothly with data files over 1GB (gigabyte).

Statistics  reveals that  150–200 MB max. file size for Pro and Premier have served clients very well over the past 10 years.

  • Create-Mail Quotes, Invoices, Sales Orders, And Purchase Orders

All versions of QuickBooks give you 3 options for e-mailing your forms:

 1.  Microsoft Outlook

 2. Using web-based e-mail client (i.e. Gmail, Yahoo, etc.)

 3. Using the QuickBooks e-mail servers

If we use Outlook Express, the sent e-mails are tracked through them, so that a replica of outbound e-mails gets saved in your Sent Items folder.

If you choose the QuickBooks e-mail system, the users need to pay for the Online Billing Services program to avail the e-mail tracking features.

  • Print Checks, Pay Bills And Manage Expenses

In order to print checks out of QuickBooks, the user will need to get QuickBooks check stock. QuickBooks check stock can be supplied by other websites and local printers.

  • Manage Payroll, Payroll Taxes, And Direct Deposits

Payroll services are offered by QuickBooks or use a third-party payroll service like Pay Cycle, Paychex, etc. can be availed.

In QuickBooks payroll services, all critical data is integrated directly with QuickBooks.

  • One Click Business Reports

Many industry-specific reports are available in QuickBooks Premier and Enterprise.

For example, in the Premier and Enterprise: Manufacturing and Wholesale versions, you get the Profitability by Product and Sales by Class and Item Type (among others) that are not provided in the Pro version.

  • Import Data From Previous Versions Of QuickBooks

If you are migrating from an older version of Pro to either Premier or Enterprise, the data upgrades seamlessly.

If you are moving from an older version of Premier to either Pro or Enterprise, the data also upgrades seamlessly. However, you cannot move from Enterprise to Pro or Premier without using some third-party companies to assist with this transmission of data.

  • Import Data From Excel

If the user has a customer list, vendor list, inventory/item list and/or chart of accounts in Excel, he can easily import that into QuickBooks using the import wizard.

  • Download Bank and Credit Card Transactions

As long as the bank offers net banking to its customers the capability of downloading information into QuickBooks will exist.

There are features within QuickBooks that allow you to match up and enter the downloaded information from the banks into the appropriate spots within the software.

  • Create a Budget

QuickBooks allows you to create a budget. One budget for each fiscal year – that’s it.

The budget tool in QuickBooks can be compared with mini-spreadsheet and allows you to copy in numbers from a prior year or post them from scratch.

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