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QuickBooks Payroll Options : Useful Tips

The world of payroll is complicated, and so is the world of payroll options. There are many options for you and your clients while you opt to do payroll on your desktop or in the cloud. Among all these choices you’re supposed to find a good fit.

The most heavily used package by consumers, bookkeepers, and accountants is QuickBooks desktop software. It’s the job of consultants, to suggest that the end user chooses the option that works best for them.

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QuickBooks Payroll Options

When we search for QuickBooks Desktop Payroll then you get the following result from Intuit’s website.

QuickBooks Payroll Options

Although, the CPA Practice Advisor is from 2011, but the desktop version has not undergone major changes in the past few years.

There are only the two options listed here: Basic and Enhanced.

Here are the options for desktop that run on the desktop version:

Basic: No payroll tax form filing. It is of low cost.
Enhanced: Do-it-yourself payroll tax filing, good job costing, and the ability to pay 1099 vendors by Direct Deposit.
Full Service: Enter payroll hours/amounts, Intuit handles paying taxes and filing tax forms. It may vary from State to state.
Accountant’s Enhanced: All the features of Enhanced, up to 50 client EINs, can only be used on the accountant’s computer.

Job costing is much better in the QuickBooks desktop version. In case, a contractor needs to code for the function, job, and Worker’s Comp code he can do this using  the desktop payroll using payroll items, jobs, and classes, but it’s easier in an online version.

For online versions, Direct Deposit is free, while in all Desktop versions it’s a charge per check. for those clients who needs tax payments and filings, Full Service Payroll is another option.

In Full Service, it’s your responsibility to do federal and state payroll filings and payments directly from your account(s).

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1. Assisted Payroll

QuickBooks Assisted Payroll is now called Full Service. With Assisted, you are provided with a kind of assistance for payroll which helps you in the payment procedures.

2. QuickBooks Standard Payroll

QuickBooks Standard Payroll is now called QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll. This is no options for new subscribers.

3. Online Payroll

QuickBooks Online Payroll within QuickBooks Online and Intuit Online Payroll have a lot of differences. The first is integrated into QuickBooks Online, and runs from there.

It’s very important in this version to ensure that your tax rates and previous payrolls are saved properly it’s difficult to change them with adjustments, that can easily be done with Desktop.

There are several options, within this category, depending on the version of QuickBooks Online. Intuit Online Payroll runs outside of QuickBooks Online as a stand-alone product. Hence, exports and imports into accounting software can be done very easily.

Like Intuit Online Payroll, the Accountant’s version is a stand-alone product, and it’s priced by the client.

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