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QuickBooks : How To Add or Edit Multiple List Entries

Multiple list entries can be added or edited in QuickBooks by clicking on the Add/Edit Multiple List Entries menu selection on the Lists menu.

This feature was introduced in QuickBooks 2010 and Enterprise Solutions 10.0 and its later versions.

QuickBooks Multiple List Entries

Manipulation of Fields:


Case 1:         Fields that can be manipulated

Only 5 lists can be manipulated with this feature and not all fields on these lists can be edited.

  • Vendors
  • Customers
  • Service Items
  • Inventory Parts
  • Non-inventory Parts


Case 2:         Fields that cannot be manipulated

 For Customers, 6 fields can’t be manipulated with this tool:

  • Sales Rep
  • Ship To address,
  • Cc (Email)
  • Preferred Send Method
  • Price Level
  • Preferred Payment Method


Case 3:        fields can be added for new customers, but can’t be edited for existing customers

  • Currency
  • Customer Balance
  • Opening Balance as of Date
  • Terms
  • Tax Code
  • Tax Item.


Case 4:        fields that can’t be manipulated for Vendors

  • Cc (Email)
  • Billing Rate Level
  • Accounts to pre-fill transaction


Case 5:        fields that can be added for new vendors, but can’t be edited for existing vendors

  • Currency
  • Vendor Balance
  • Opening Balance as of Date


Case 6:        fields that can be modified for inventory parts

In the screenshot given below, the list in the Available Columns and Chosen Columns can be modified. In the given example, Shelf and Warehouse represent custom fields, which can be edited using this technique. Unit of Measure is the column that can’t be modified for either Inventory or Non-inventory Parts.

QuickBooks Multiple List Entries

The available columns for Non-inventory Parts:

QuickBooks Multiple List Entries

The columns in the window can be selected by just a click of the Customize columns button.

Microsoft Excel spreadsheet can be created that maps the column layout you have selected for the Add/Edit Multiple List Entries window and paste that spreadsheet into the window to quickly add new list entries.

QuickBooks Multiple List Entries

Steps for editing existing entries


Step 1:        Right-click in a cell to gain access to menu choices

Step 2:        Insert a new row, copy the value in existing cell down to all of the rows below

Step 3:        Duplicate an existing row to prepare it for future editing.

QuickBooks Multiple List Entries

There exists a data validation tool that ensures that your posted data is in the QuickBooks format and that you haven’t attempted to save a duplicate list entry. Large amounts of data can easily add or modified by using large amounts of data.

QuickBooks has offered us a great tool for its users to add or edit multiple entries easily and safely.

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